How UK Businesses Are Going Hybrid


Small to mid-sized businesses around the world are looking to the future of working by setting up hybrid working for their organisation. Hybrid working is the principle of giving employees the choice of working from home OR working in the office – you may have some full time office workers, some full time home workers, and workers who split their hours between the two. The UK has seen a serious move towards hybrid working amongst the SMB market. The reason SMBs are leading the charge is because they are more agile that larger corporations; and are more capable of transforming their IT infrastructure to support hybrid working. Many SMBs are going through this type of digital transformation with the help of IT providers. In London, for example, many SMBS are partnering with IT Support companies such as TechQuarters.

The technological expertise and resources one gets from a B2B provider often goes above and beyond what many SMBs can afford to have in-house – moreover, using an IT provider can also be much more cost effective. TechQuarters – a UK-based MSP – offer IT Support and Managed IT Services based SMBs need to digitally transform in a number of different ways. Software licensing plays a large part in enabling companies to work in a hybrid way; because without solutions such as cloud-hosting, cloud storage, and communication, the remote aspect of hybrid working would be very difficult.

When businesses have employees in the office and at home who are working together, communication is very important. Moreover, communication through safe channels is crucial. In addition to using platforms aimed at business use, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, businesses should take care to onboard users properly via a centralised domain management (e.g. Active Directory or Google Domains). Cloud hosting and storage ensures that all critical business process and company data are hosted in a single, centralised environment, such as Microsoft Azure. This reduces the dependence businesses may have on physical servers – allowing users to access company resources form anywhere via the Cloud, as well as future proofing certain functions. As for storage; ensuring users have access to company data from a single centralised source in the cloud is the most reliable way to keep company data both accessible to all and protected against data leaks and cyber-attacks.

Companies like TechQuarters have been helping businesses with digital transformation, and hybrid services, for some years now. You should be able to find the services you need, whether it is IT Support Birmingham, or Manchester, or one of the many cities across the UK where businesses reside.