How To Spot Gold Deposits When You Are Looking Right At Them


Many people no longer want to work in regular 9-to-5 jobs and they certainly don’t want to be working for a boss who gets to reap all of the profits at the end of the working day. We have become tired of providing men with a life of luxury which includes fast cars and big houses. Many people also crave a work-life balance and so they know that they’re not going to get it by getting up in the morning and sitting in an office all day long. This is why many people are looking for alternative ways to make a living and gold prospecting has become incredibly popular.


For many people, it just starts off as a hobby and is a fun thing to do, but once they find actual gold for the first time, they get the bug, and they see the potential to make a living out of this. If you find any gold, then you have the option to sell it to gold buyers in Adelaide who are going to give you the best price possible. If you have been playing with the idea of prospecting for gold and you would like to get some good advice as to how you can spot gold when it is sitting right there on the ground, then you will find this article very interesting.

Look Around You

There are some key things that you need to be looking out for and one of them is the changes in rock types in the area that you are looking for. It is well known that gold deposits can be found in locations where different types of rock all come together. Another thing to look out for is the many plants that seem to prefer growing in different kinds of rock.

The Colour Of The Soil

If you are prospecting and you happen to notice that the soil starts to change colours over an area, then this might be a place where you want to start searching more deeply. You will notice these changes in colour because different types of rock and minerals are contained within them and there’s no reason not to think that you’re going to find some gold as well.

Rock Erosion

In many situations, there is a high probability that you will find gold when other minerals are present. If you see that certain pieces of rock start crumbling in your hands when you move them then there might be a high probability that gold is present in that particular area. It always makes sense, however, to do the necessary research for the area that you will be exploring.

These are only three signs that you can look out for and there are numerous more. Like everything in life, it makes sense to read up on what you are doing and the best ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. This could be the start of something very exciting for you and the beginning of a new life where you become your own boss and you start to realize that there is in fact gold in the hills.