How to Manage Your Entire Business in a Single Dashboard?


The time has gone when business supposed to manage all their records, statements manually and also the time when they have to use various software and tools to handle different administrative tasks. Nowadays, all the basic to advanced business operations can be managed from a single dashboard.

Yes, it’s possible if you are using the right CRM solution.

The best thing about an online CRM software is that its dashboard can be operated and managed virtually from anywhere on your fingertips. It empowers the business managers to manage all their business activities and can stay in touch with their clients as well as staff no matter they are physically available at the office or not.

You might be thinking of how will you manage all your business operations from a single dashboard, no need to worry about, the team of professionals who develop your business solution will guide you and entire your team about its functionality and features. After a few hours of use, you will get familiar it and can operate on it smoothly.

What All Things We Can Manage From a Single Dashboard?

A broad range of tasks and business operations can be managed from a single, easy to handle dashboard. No matter you are a startup or a well-established business, all need online CRM software to streamline their associations with the clients and manage an infinite number of administrative tasks that may cost you a lot when done physically. Some of the functions that can be automated using a single dashboard are as follows:

Supervise Everything

Manage individual sections, various websites, applications and anything else utilizing dashboards.

Pre-Built Widgets

Draw information from most of the popular services such as Salesforce & Google by adopting pre-built widgets.

Customized Data Sources

Protectively represent data from the database of your company through Push API or custom widgets.

Real-time Reports & Statements

Share dashboards with client’s administrators, and virtually anyone else if needed.

Data Import and Exports

Schedule or download email statements of your collection of data in CSV, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.

Data from Past Records

Historical Data is archived within the online CRM software, so you will never misplace or miss to see insights from it again.

TV Mode Experience

Rotate one, two, or more dashboards automatically for your large display dashboard for a broader screen visual experience.

Customizations & Personalization

Marked reports, dashboard backgrounds, domain name mapping, etc. can be easily managed on your fingertips.

Manage Social Publishing

Design, schedule and control your online campaign on social media across all the most popular and social platforms that are substantially used by a broad range of users daily.

Eliminate Data Mashups

Dice & slice irrelevant metrics from entirely separate applications to formulate the general and latest insights.

Get Widget Alerts

It can manage statistics and matrices even when you are not available and away from your dashboards through SMS or email.

Set Widget Goals

You can benchmark metrics corresponding to the intimate goals of your business to distinguish fields of advancement.


It is the time where business managers need to wise and smarter along with hardworking abilities. Just doing hard work is not sufficient if you are not using the systems, applications, software, and tools in a wise and smarter approach.

We have discussed above a broad range of tasks and much more other than these that can be automated using the online CRM software from a single dashboard. If you are still struggling while managing your records, statements, clients and staff data, don’t wait any more let’s collaborate the customized solution to your business and streamline your operational capability which eventually produces higher ROI and higher benefits.