How to Help Your Kid Start a Blog


If you have ever asked your kids what they want to be, and they said a “millionaire,” you can start by helping them realize their dream today. The sky is the limit when you consider the immense opportunities found online, and blogging tops the list of what your kid can do to make money. While some skills like coding need to be taught, others like writing come naturally.

Therefore, if you have already noticed that your kid loves to write down everything in a journal, it is time you thought about creating a blog. You do not even need to have technology skills at your fingertips; below are the steps to follows.

Settle on a Topic

Blogging offers so many topics to choose from, so you might wonder which one best suits your kid. However, you can help them narrow down their options until they have found their niche. You can ask them questions like:

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Remember that blogging about something your kid does not have a passion for will be twice as hard because of the lack of motivation. Since it is not limited to a compulsory topic, explore all of them. So long as your kid is interested in it, the blog will be worth pursuing even without you reminding him/her there is content that needs to be posted.

What is Your Kid Good At?

It is one thing to enjoy doing or talking about something, but if you are not good at it, your audience will prefer visiting blogs of people who look like they know what they are doing. Therefore even if your kid loves talking about fashion, but s/he is good at cooking, a fashion blog will not do well.

What Does Your Prospective Audience Want?

It does not matter if you can make finger-licking salads or that your fashion sense will put some designers to shame. If the people you want to read your blog would prefer reading about pastries, yet your kid is blogging about growing a vegetable garden for the best salad, you will have wasted your efforts and time.

The bottom line is that you need to find a skill or activity that will answer the three questions adequately.

Purchase a Domain Name

Now that you already know what your blog will be about, you need to buy a domain name, and it has to be:

Short and Easy to Spell

There is no use trying to show off your vocabulary; the shorter it is, the more likely it is for someone to remember it quickly. Besides, readers will hardly make errors when searching for the website because it will also be easy to spell. The general rule is to keep it to a maximum of three words.


The domain name builds credibility and creates brand awareness. Therefore ensure that your audience can quickly tell what the blog is about by simply reading the domain name, and including a keyword related to your blog will help.


If your budget is a bit tight, you can choose to have a free domain. Bluehost provides free domains, but you must host your kid’s blog with them. If you have some cash to spare, then buying a domain name is an option, but you will have to ensure that another business or person has not taken it up.


Domain privacy protection is an “add-on” service you pay to prevent your details from being seen by the public. Once you register a domain name, your kid’s personal information will be saved in a public database, WHOIS.

Get Website Hosting

For your kid’s blog to be accessible, it needs to be hosted. It can cost between $2.49 and $ 300, depending on the hosting you choose. You can opt for a free web hosting service, but your audience will hardly know you exist when they search on Google.

Blog Customization

Making your kid’s blog have a unique and personal touch helps to individualize it. You have the option of downloading a theme and applying it. You can use sidebars, footers, headers, logos, and flare to make the blog appeal to your audience and stand out from other bloggers.

Start Blogging

With everything set, it is up to your kid to start unleashing content. An introduction would be excellent therefore have an “about me” page for readers to get to know your kid and the inspiration for the blog. The follow-up posts can be about sharing passions and also encourage your child to engage the readers to connect with them.

Starting a blog is not as hard as people think. All the same, if your child is not ready to be in charge of their own blog and would prefer to dip their toes in the water first, Blogger’s Path is the ideal solution. The blog has more than enough posts in different categories to help your child learn how to craft content before taking the plunge.