How to Enable 2-Step Mobile Verification in Gmail


Google mail or Gmail is one of the best email service providers in online world. With this reputation, Google always tries to maintain the integrity of its mail service up to the marks. As we all know, security breaches are quite common in today’s digital world, no one is said to be secured or safe. Hacking someone’s email account is so common and easy with the resources available. Sometimes it becomes panic for anybody, if his email mailbox contains some confidential things. Google goes one step further to handle Email hacking situation by introducing its new 2-step verification process for you Gmail account. Now you can configure your mobile to get login code for log into your Gmail account besides regular login password. Here is the full process of how to configure 2-step verification in Gmail


Gmail Security Tips


We just noticed earlier in the morning about this smart security feature by Google when a label was showed this message in my Gmail account. This feature is important if you access your Gmail on more than one computer. You just need to set up you mobile to receive login code for log into public computer besides your normal login password. You can follow these steps to configure this security feature on your Gmail –


1.) Click on the following URL and enter your username and password if you are not logged in already. After login you will be presented the main setup screen as shown in the following figure –


Start the two step verification


2.) Now click on the start setup button of the right side. This is the mail screen where you have to enter all the details about your mobile phone, you will be asked to enter your mobile no. if you haven’t added it already. Just enter the mobile no. and choose the proper verification method which suites you the best from SMS and voice call. In both way you will be given a secret code to enter in the text-box followed by verify button. Click on the verify button if it is correct a green right sign will be displayed. Now click next.




3.) A check-box is available saying ‘Remember this computer for 30 days’, choose this option if this is your own computer where you usually use your Gmail and uncheck if you are doing this process on public computer. Click on next.


4.) Now a big red button will be shown saying ‘turn on 2-step verification’, click on this if you want to enable this feature immediately or click back to change any setting done before.




5.) Now login your account one more time, a completion of process message will be displayed with some other security suggestions as in the figure are –




6.) You can setup a one more backup mobile phone for in case you lose your phone, login code will be available in the backup phone as well. The process is same to add backup phone as we have done so far.


7.) What if you are in an area where your cell phone showing out of network? There is a solution for that as well; you can use apps available in Android, iPhone and Blackberry to access your login code.


8.) Another promising feature is printable backup codes which can be used if you lose your both phones. These are the 10 different code sequences which you are advised to keep in secure place because these are the only way to access your Gmail if you lose your mobile phones.

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