How to configure SMTP in Android and iPhone (SMTP Servers)


Those who are using iPhone and Androids use the phone for more than simply making calls or sending text messages. For them the phone works like a mini computer that enables them to send and receive emails, surf the internet, store important files and prepare presentations for office. However, the lost important function of a Smartphone is to be able to send and receive mails, if not anything else.


If you have not been able to configure your email account on your new Smartphone then here are the simple steps that you can follow to be successful.


Email setup on iPhone and Android Phone



Steps for Configuring SMTP Email Account on an IPhone


For enabling SMTP Relay on HostPilot you have to


• Then you will get the option MS EXCHANGE SERVER
• Among the various options that you will find, select MAILBOXES
• Then click on DISPLAY NAME link and go to ADVANCED
• Then click on ENABLE SMTP RELAY and the click on Save Changes to save the changes.
• Make sure that the IMAP is enabled, which is usually the case.


Adding an email account

If you are adding an account for the first tine then you will have to follow the given steps:


• Tap on MAIL and then select OTHER (For those who already have an account go to: -)
• Select Mail and then go to ACCOUNTS
• Then select ADD ACCOUNT and then tap on OTHER


Entering the account information

Click on IMAP and put in the following information in the respective fields


• NAME: – the name that you would like to display
• ADDRESS: – your email address
• DESCRIPTION: – the purpose for which you use your email for instance, Work, Personal, etc.


Incoming Mail Server


• HOST NAME: -the incoming mail server that you use. You will find this information from the advanced SETTINGS option under GET STARTED HERE! When you click on HOSTPILOT
• USERNAME: – your email address
• PASSWORD: – your email password


Outgoing server


• HOST NAME: – the outgoing server that you use for sending emails. Again the information can be found from the same place you got the incoming server information.
• USERNAME: – your email address
• PASSWORD: – your email password


Usually the port used for sending email is Port 25. But in some of the cases the ISPs block traffic through that port. In that case, you have to add “:465” after your outbound mail server name. This will make sure that the outgoing emails are sent through port 465 instead of port 25.


• Once you have entered all the information, click on SAVE to save the changes made and to enable the iPhone to test the incoming and outgoing settings and establish a connection to your mailbox.


Steps for configuring SMTP email account on an Android


For those using an Android following the given steps should help you to set up the email.


• Usually the IMAP is enabled on the phones. But if it is not then you can follow the sequence given below.


• Once done click on the EMAIL APPLICATION

• Go to the YOUR ACCOUNTS page and then click on NEXT to begin the setup process.

• Enter your email address and password and then click on NEXT.

• For configuring the SMTP and the IMAP you will have to enter the configuration details of IMAP and the SMTP servers. They will be same as in the case with the iPhone settings.

• As you click on NEXT you will see a screen which will allow you to enter your DISPLAY NAME.

• Once you insert the name, save the changes and you are done.


Now, all that is left for you to do is start emailing from your phone.


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