How Google’s Design Is Dictated by Dollars


If you are involved in search engine optimization (SEO) or online marketing, then you have some idea of just how difficult it has become to interpret Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Whereas searches once just picked out keywords and displayed related links on the screen, they now customize results based on location, previous searches, and other personal factors. No two SERPs are the same any longer and that makes online marketing much more complicated.There is always the possibility of finding SEO or SEM services in free ads site.
The stats surrounding search engine results can be overwhelming, but let’s explore just a few to get an idea of how important SEO still is. Page one results on Google get 95% of all traffic. Paid ads only get about 6% of total clicks while organic results get 94%. You probably already know those stats, but they bear repeating.


They bear repeating because as Google searches become more complicated, some people begin to question the value of SEO and wonder if investing the time and money to achieve good results is still worthwhile. Clearly, the stats say it is. In fact, investing in good SEO is more important than ever if people want ensure that page ranks don’t fall and that traffic doesn’t decline. The infographic below makes the importance of Google’s most recent changes easy to digest.


infographic on Google