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Google’s social networking site Google+ is getting great response till date and is doing very hard to leave its biggest competitor Facebook behind. Google Hangout is a feature that has been loved most so far by the Google+ users. It is Google’s answer to the chat rooms. Google hangout is great to organize online meets as you can add 12 people in a hangout. Idea of accessing the Google Hangout from the desktop is old now. You can access the same feature from Android and can enjoy the hangout while on the go. In this post I am going to explain you that how you can use Google Hangout on Android device. So let’s proceed.


Google Plus on Android


How to Use Hangout on Google+

The very first step you need to perform is to download the Google+ app on your Android device. To create a hangout you need to enter into conversation. You can enter into conversation with offline friends as well or you can also start from some previous conversation. After this you will be able to see the camera icon on the top right. Now you can invite the person to conversation, one you were sending offline or online messages to in the conversation.


If you wish to add more people in the hangout, then you can o it as well. For this, just click the profile button located on the top right. It will open up a popup allowing you to select the people that you wish to ad into the hangout. You can see the names of previously added people here and can also remove them from the list if you want.
So after all the startup process just makes sure that all things are going right and settings are also according to your need.


Joining Hangout

You can now start hangout with the people you selected earlier by clicking the button with number in it. Make sure that the camera and sound qualities and setting are perfect to have better time during hangout.


Managing Hangout

You can see your video in the bottom of the app. You can see the camera icon of all other people in the hangout. Click on the little arrow on the right if you wish to see the list people in the hangout. If you have some work during hangout or you want to check the profile of any friend of yours during the hangout, then you need not to leave the hangout. The hangout app can be minimized and the good thing is that your friends can still hear to you. But during this time your camera freezes. You can return to hangout anytime by maximizing the app.


The Google+ Hangout app for Android provides you a good hangout experience. No doubt it has some limitations in it, but I must say that the overall hangout experience on Android devices is awesome feel. Are you going to try Google+ hangout on your Android. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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