Getting Familiar with the Top 5 Websites for Getting Educated In Web Design


Web designing, as the name suggests, is the art of creating websites. Given the different types of websites that can be found on the web today, it is important for designers to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of web development. In the past few years there has been significant development in the various tools and technologies used for web design. However, in most cases knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript are still considered to be fundamental for creating a building a good website. Depending on the type of website that needs to be created, designers might need to use other complex and tools and coding languages to create a professionally perfect website.

Given the growing number of people interested in taking up web designing as a career choice, it is really not surprising that internet offers numerous resources for professionals to learn the basics of web design. It is possible to not only find websites that offer training material that covers not only the basics but also intermediate and advance level courses for professionals desirous of enhancing their skills. Given below are the details of five such website that offer training programs to meet the various needs of web designers at all levels.


W3Schools: Even though does not offer the usual colorful and attractive interface, it provides complete web design learning packages starting right from the most basic lessons. The website uses plain and simple language as well as interactive tutorials to educate its users about the various aspects of web development. It also offers a “try it yourself” feature that enables the users to experiment with the effects of any slight changes on the overall look and feel of a webpage. It is a really good starting point for people just making a start in the field of web design as the website offers in depth details about the use of  various tools  in an easy to understand and user friendly manner.

Code School: There is no better way of learning something than through trial and error and this is the philosophy that Code School follows. The website enables its users to learn the various aspects of web design by making them write codes in a browser and guiding them with the help of interactive videos. Although the website charges nominal fees of $25 per month, it grants access to its registered members to all the training content. In addition, the website offers training programs not only for individuals but for entire teams as well which is quite helpful for companies to train their staff.

Codecademy: Codecademy is renowned among the community of web designers for teaching writing codes to beginners in an easy and relaxed manner. It adapts an interesting approach towards teaching the designing websites, creating games and other applications. It also offers badges to students at various key points during the training course to keep them inspired and motivated. In addition, it offers asocial networking platform where the users can share their learning experience with their friends or can even learn in co-ordination with them.

Treehouse: Treehouse website helps users learn the various features of web design including HTML, CSS, web development and even creating iOS apps. The mode of training is through a user friendly and interface combined with a video-based service. The website offers its services at a cost and provides training material that not only complies with the highest professional levels but also covers all the aspects of web development. In addition, the website offers a game feature intended at testing the skills the users learn and accordingly rewarding them with badges for the same.

Don’t Fear The Internet:  Don’tFearTheInternet website is designed specifically for users who want to learn web designing just so that they can showcase their skills in elegant manner. It is definitely not the site for obtaining thoroughly professional training in web design. The website features short videos that tutor the users about using a basic word press blog to create a basic website by utilizing tools such as CSS, HTML and PHP. This website adapts a good-humored approach to web design and is not the place for people obsessed with web design terminology or complex coding.

Learning web designing is not really that difficult and with the help of the above websites it possible to start right from scratch and become a professional designer. These websites not only help users to understand the basic of web design but also learn advanced skills to boost their careers.