Get a Quality Logo from Logo Arena


If you are serious about your business you need a logo for your brand. A logo gives instant recognition to your company. No one has the time to read your entire company name.


When a man walking in a new city, tired by the days’ work will come across an image of a white Siren on a green background he will immediately understand that a Starbucks outlet is somewhere near.
We recommend you try Logo Arena to get the logo designed.


logo designing

Logo Arena is a website which acts like a platform for companies and logo designers. The company (called client from here on) can start a logo design contest on the site and the different designers can participate by submitting designs. Then the client can finalize the design and he will have to pay only the winning designer.
Sounds good? Let explain more.
Getting a logo designed at Logo Arena is a three step process.


Step 1 – Fill in the logo questionnaire

The client first of all needs to fill up a form known as logo questionnaire. This form will instruct the designers on what kind of a logo you want. The client must input as much information as possible about their company to give a clear idea to the designers of their brand. You see the better they know about you the better logo they will create.
Then you will have to pay the fees in advance. You can use PayPal or credit card to get the money transferred.


Step 2 – Entries and feedback

As soon as the contest goes live, the interested designers will start creating logo concepts and submitting them for as long as the contest lasts. The client should be a regular participant by ranking the logos and providing feedback as much as possible. This helps the designers to tweak their designs according to the client’s requirements and hence generate better results for the client.


Step 3 – Selection of the winner

After the time period of the contest ends, the client should review all the designs submitted. The client will get a time of seven days to select the winning design.
Once the winner is finalized he will be notified by e-mail that his design has been selected and he should upload the final files. The client can download those files and see if everything is good and satisfactory. Once he confirms that, the prize money will be deposited in the designer’s PayPal address after deducting a commission of 15% which goes to Logo Arena.


logo designing

The image above shows a few logos that have been designed at Logo Arena.
So you see the whole process is simple, easy and effective.
And the final logo is yours to own. Once you finalize a logo design you will receive a legal ownership transfer from the winning designer. Of course the designers who have not won, the other logos that were submitted, will remain copyrighted to their respective designers.
Also, it is Logo Arena’s strict policy that the designs that are submitted must be the original work of the designer. They don’t even allow any clip art nonsense.
Go take a look at the site and let me know what you think in the comments below.