Five Ways to Make HR Management Easier


Looking for ways to make your HR management easier? There are plenty of tools and techniques nowadays which can greatly help your function’s delivery. We take a look at some of the most effective.


Training and development

Ironically for the department responsible for staff performance, development and management, HR teams often fail to invest in themselves! Identify your talented performers, newer HR advisors and managers and ensure that you provide them with plenty of accredited training, structured development opportunities, mentoring and coaching and other methods of development. These staff will be the organisation’s HR talent of the future and they will need to be well versed in the changing HR regulatory and technology landscape.


Invest in technology

Look at managed HR systems such as HR system hosting and a functional software solution which integrates IT and finance activities too as far as possible. Look into CIPHR managed service solutions for example, where HR software and data is remotely installed and delivered via a cloud computing solution, without any needs for IT support or hardware.

These systems allow you to invest in the latest software without the expensive investment, and pass the burden of computer management and delivery to a specialist outsourced supplier, so that you can focus on core delivery activities instead.


Five Ways to Make HR Management Easier


Assess what you are there for

The HR function’s remit is changing – and yet, few have yet to define how their role has changed, or indeed, what the business needs them to do going forwards. The increase of self-serve technologies and processes means that the emphasis is moving towards strategic HR and provision of consultancy and advice on topics as diverse as performance management, database and talent management, restructuring and TUPE, employer branding and more. Spend time formally identifying the HR drivers of the business with the leadership team and seek to structure the HR department’s energies and activities accordingly.


Outsource low-value activities – or move to self-serve

Self-service is a superb development for many businesses. Firstly, it puts the power into the hands of the employee and secondly it reduces the time that HR teams need to spend administering basic jobs and queries. These technologies allow staff to carry out functions such as reporting absences and initiating self-certification processes, update their personal details, book leave, update training records, manage staff performance, and upload performance management forms and more. These systems also often link into employee reward and benefit schemes, so that a range of benefits can be accessed directly via the employee using a secure account and without the requirement for intermediary HR resource.


Move recruitment and selection online

Using an outsourced computer management and support system, boosted by cloud computing technology, packages such as online recruitment software can be deployed to save time and money, reduce administration and improve the objectivity and measurability of recruitment processes. Deploy technological solutions for CV uploading and online application form completion, initial assessments and tests delivered online and automated process updates to manage candidates, keep them updated in line with the employer brand and generally deliver a more professional and satisfactory experience.