Finally! An Android Spy App that Covers it All!


Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) is the latest and the most advanced smartphone operating system currently on the market. Its release forced many Android spy app developers back to their drawing tables to upgrade their applications. But while many tried few succeeded, very few Android spy apps have managed to crack open Android 4.0. One of these few Android spy apps is StealthGenie.



StealthGenie and Android

StealthGenie works on all Android versions above Android OS 2.1, including the latest Android OS 4.0. This means it works on smartphones released by the following companies:

  • Sony
  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • HTC
  • LG

Call Recordings

StealthGenie allows you to record calls made to the smartphone. The app records the calls and uploads them onto StealthGenie’s server; from there you can download and listen to them. Also you can customize the settings to choose which calls to record.

Call Logs

This Android spy app also allows you to view the call logs of the phone. As an added benefit you can view the complete contact list of the smartphone.

SMS Messages

StealthGenie allows you to read the SMS Messages sent and received by the phone.

Google Talk

StealthGenie fulfills its role as an Android spy app by letting you view chats conducted through Google Talk.

Internet Access

StealthGenie allows you to view the web browser history of the target phone, along with the bookmarks saved in the phone.

Memory Access

The app allows you to view the pictures, music, and the videos stored in the phone’s memory.

Tracking Feature

StealthGenie allows you to view the current location of the target phone through the GEO Location feature. To see the phone’s movements in a specific time period you can access the GEO Tracking feature.

Live Recordings

A very interesting feature of StealthGenie is its ability to let you record the live surroundings of the target phone. This feature can be used by sending an SMS Command to the target phone.


StealthGenie offers you all these features at a very affordable price. With a price of 9 dollars a month, StealthGenie is probably the only Android spy app which is this cheap. This product is both feasible and effective, a must have for those looking for a good deal.