Expert Tricks To Improve Your Blog SEO


Blogging is the most powerful SEO tactic. SEO is a perspective which publishing a blog content on regular basis help you:

  • Show more search result in the wide range of keyword searches.
  • Attract more inbound links which raise the SEO value of your website.
  • Attach the share signal such as Facebook likes, Twitter and Google plus they can boost your rankings.

Despite this SEO value, many blogs are not optimized well and not reaching their full potential to raise the organic traffic for the web. Look some tactics for improving your blog’s SEO.

  • Add Related Post

This is one of the critical aspect of SEO is making the content easy to find. Google and the other search engine which gathers the information by crawling your website to discover the content. If the google is not finding the certain pages of content on your website. The content is not showing in the search results and rendering those pages which are useless from an SEO perspective.

  • Add Previous And Next Post

Increase the Discoverability with the previous and next post links, which appear on the top or on the bottom of an article on your blog. Adding the related post, previous and next post link which helps the search engines to find your content and circulate the better flow of link juice in our blog.

  • Use Pagination

Pagination is a system which uses for numbering the pages on your blog and help to organize and archive the older content. Basically pagination is helpful for the usability because the housing of the blog post on a single page that scroll endlessly which is not a user-friendly experience. Pagination is helping to make the content easier for the search engine and help to reduce the number of clicks which are needed to reach deeper for the archived blog content. In the proper pagination helps to maximize the crawl budget for the pages on your website for the many search engines will visit before they leave.


  • Use Categories

It is a most effective SEO tactic for using categories on your blog it act as the fuel expert for your blog and can speed up your blog progress. Categories are helping the user to find search engine and find the content. Categories are also helping to classify the silo content into the typically themed pages which are creating the additional opportunities for rank the search result into the those category pages.

  • Vary Title v/s Article Title

Most bloggers believe that include the keyword and keyword variation in their content. Most of the bloggers are not varying the title of the blog post and title tag. The bloggers are just filling out the blog post title in their CMS, which are default as the title tag and duplicate the title tag. When you will vary about the title tag for your blog’s SEO. The title is most important for the content in SEO and when the blog post title is a close second. To capitalize the SEO then you have to worry about the title tag and title and use the different keyword. The keyword variation in the content is helping to create, the more opportunities in your content to rank the more searches.

  • Add The Social Sharing Buttons

The last tactic that I am going to touch is incorporate the social sharing button on your blog. Many of the bloggers are adding social sites like twitter, Facebook icons on their blog. SEO is a perspective to sharing the content to increase the likelihood of mentions and links.
Author Bio:
Mark Blanc is a SEO expert who is interested to explore the marketing skills and also works for the fuel expert.