EWC Presenter lets You Create Infographics, Banners and Presentations


If you’ve shown any interest in marketing in 2013 and if you’ve done the slightest bit of research, you’ll have heard about “content marketing” at least once.


Content marketing is basically the process of creating free content and distributing it online with the aim of attracting people who follow, like and trust your work; however, the key to successful content marketing is not to restrict yourself to one form of content but to experiment with various forms of content; this includes infographics, presentations, videos, blog articles, eBooks etc.

However, while it can be easy and free to create blog articles, eBooks and videos and while there often isn’t a learning curve for these, it’s much more technical to create good looking presentations, infographics and multimedia files that can help you get results.

EWC Presenter

That’s where EWC Presenter comes in; if you’re looking forward to creating quality multimedia files guaranteed to help you get results from your content marketing efforts, then you should check out EWC Presenter.

Here are some features that makes EWC Presenter rock:
1. It is Built on HTML5: EWC Presenter works on the HTML5 technology and this means your files are accessible on any existing devices as well as new devices yet to be made.

2. Templates and Widgets: Both for infographics, presentations and any kind of multimedia content you want to create, EWC Presenter has templates and widgets that you can choose from to make creating your multimedia files extremely easy.

Templates and Widgets

3. Easy to Use Interface: You don’t need to be a designer or Photoshop expert to be able to use EWC Presenter; using it is extremely easy thanks to the friendly interface and there are also tutorials that guide you should you need some help.

4. It is Free to Use: Due to the fact that EWC Presenter is currently in beta, it’s free to create an account and use it.

5. Flickr Integration: A feature that separates EWC Presenter from other infographics and presentations tools is its direct integration with Flickr; right from your Presenter dashboard, you can search for millions of images on Flickr and insert them into your multimedia files automatically.

Flickr Integration

6. Create Interactive Files: Thanks to the power of HTML5, another benefit to using EWC Presenter is that it allows you to make your files interactive; what do you think about interactive Infographics? Well, it’s possible to create yours in EWC Presenter!

Create Interactive Files

7. Host/Embed/Export Your Files: You can also host any file you design with EWC Presenter on their servers and then embed it on your own websites. If you want, you can also export the multimedia files for use on other websites.

8. New Features are Regularly Added: Another added advantage to using EWC Presenter is that new features are added on a regularly basis; changes are being made based on customer feedback so do not hesitate to get in touch with the EWC Presenter team if you have any feedback or suggestions for them.

You should check out EWC Presenter!