Everyday Inspiration for Your Blog


As a blogger, it may seem hard to come up with an idea or two for a new featured blog post, especially if you tend to update your blog on a daily or weekly basis. This can be an important consideration if you happen to be using your blog to generate income; many people can blog, but there has been a rise in those who are professional bloggers or writers, thanks to the increase in freelancing and consulting.


Over 50% of freelancers are from the United States, with around 23% of those coming from Europe and the rest from other countries, such as Africa and Australia. The downturn of the economy found many Americans heading into the freelancing and consulting arena, with the Census Bureau reporting that the rise of non-employee businesses went up by 4.3% for 2012. Many of these folks were pushed into freelancing because of the economy, usually to find extra income or greater flexibility with regard to the family unit.


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Real life can often surprise us, sometimes just as much as fictional life can, but it’s in these moments that bloggers can relate to their readership. Many bloggers will often relate some parts of their life, whether it be personal or professional, to those that are reading and following; this gives them an edge in leadership and trust, because these stories are about real life. And it can be from and about anything.
Some bloggers will discuss clients and projects, usually in a bid to help new freelancers or bloggers avoid horrible or demanding clients or even helping them price their services so that they aren’t starving every month. Graphic designers may often inspiration in other designs, such as reimaging of posters or artwork; writers get ideas by just reading and experiencing.
And if you’re a professional blogger, you may find inspiration from the process of finding financial stability in your life and business ventures. For example, choosing a good business credit card from NerdWallet to help with business expenses. This process can also make for a great post, as any opinions or recommendations can be used to help readers find the best options and the best companies. Business isn’t the only point that can be found when looking for inspiration – many freelancers work from home and like to write about their experiences with their family.
Children are probably by the far the best sources of inspiration a blogger could ask for. Depending on age, children usually see the world through a brightness that seems to constantly dim the older we get; they are uninhibited when it comes to imagination and their playfulness can sometimes awaken even the most cynical of bloggers. Certainly, there are popular blogs devoted to parents on how to raise their children or to investigate why their son or daughter does this at this stage in their development, but there are also blogs that tell the story of how a child taught their parent about life through the use or demonstration of words or actions.
Everyday life can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to blogging and most bloggers usually take a page out of their libraries of life to share compelling stories with their readers.