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How to Stay Safe

Is all this talk of cybersecurity, encryption, and ransomware doing your head in? Or perhaps, you feel like unless you have been trained by a secret intelligence agency, you will never be able to understand nor utilize privacy protection software. Thankfully, companies like Eprivo are not only making it easy to protect yourself against unwanted malicious attacks, but they are arming everyone from experts to those who just learned how to use their email, with secure and private email providers.

First, let’s take a look at what secure private email providers and why your email needs to be private and secure in the first place. In a recent and fascinating blog written for Eprivo by Professor Moritz, privacy and security threats come from the following sources:

1.Insiders (service providers/storing companies)

2.Hacker attacks (users and service providers/storing companies)

3.Poor passwords (users and service/providers/storing companies)

4.Phishing and Social Engineering attacks (users and service providers/storing companies)

5.Implementation factors and related vulnerabilities

Let’s take a look a closer look at each of these to understand why having a secure and private email provider is a game-changer.

The Insider

Most of us think that using our own email provider means our data is secure. Unfortunately, it means the opposite. With so many companies vying for new customer data to target ads and sell more product, your service provider has everything they need to use your stored data at any time and anywhere. This also means that any hacks can get access to your stored data. A terrifying prospect! Think you don’t have anything worth stealing? How about your kid’s after-school schedules, your mom’s vacation details when she won’t be home or where she keeps her key when she leaves. And don’t forget about that harmless reminder email to buy more cat food online with your credit card information and photo ID.


Not a fun movie from the ’90s, hackers are real criminals that can cause harm from minor inconveniences to serious global threats. By using Eprivo’s secure and private email provider you can prevent and protect yourself against technological threats like malware and ransomware, societal threats such as exploitation, all without having to get a new email address or a degree in cybersecurity! While passwords are one way to protect yourself, the average person typically uses the same easy password that maybe has 8-10 characters and one symbol and number. This makes them vulnerable to hackers everywhere. Eprivo helps you learn and utilize complex passwords making it nearly impossible for your information to be touched.

Gone Phishing

Unlike a relaxed day out on a lake cyber phishing is anything but friendly. Disguising themselves as a trusted company or even friend hackers can actually infiltrate your email service provider and access your personal info as well as trick you into releasing your financial or personal data.

Here is an example that is pretty common. Imagine you are an avid Amazon shopper. You love their services (who doesn’t). You get an innocent email from helpamazon.net asking for you to update your credit card details and address for your order. Sure, why not? Well, unless you can tell for a fact it is from Amazon (highly doubtful) then you just handed a cybercriminal everything they need to steal your identity and financials. Yikes!

Eprivo Makes the Difference

While there are so many secure private email providers, Eprivo is the world leader, with its unique and innovative technologies. With Eprivo your email is safe and secure without having to get a new address! Amazingly you can also recall any and all emails you sent out. Back to our Amazon example, that email you sent and realized after the fact that it wasn’t legit, yeah Eprivo has you covered and that information can literally disappear.

Take Eprivo for a test run today. You have nothing to lose but your data and security. Instead, use Eprivo’s secure private email, so the only fishing you need to worry about is at your favorite Sunday spot.