Easy ways to hike your search engine ranking


Most of the people who are still new to SEO wonder how to improve their search engine rankings. If you are one of them then here is how you can do it:

  1. You must have good title tags on your webpage- one easy and effective way to improve your webpage rankings is to by creating unique and keyword rich title tags for every webpage of yours. Try to keep your keyword in close resemblance to your title tag. Title tag is the webpage header and not the headline on your page. This will appear on your web browser’s title bar.
  2. Title_TagHeadline tags have to be optimized- Another easy way to boost your rankings on search engine is through headline tags optimization. You have to first ensure that every page has only one H1 tag. Webmaster new to the field make the mistake of including more than one H1 tag which in reality spoils your search engine rankings. Search engines look for one H1 tag to know the topic of the page, but when they find many, all of them will be discounted. It is advisable to use wordpress and if you are using one then ensure your template configuration is in such a way that the article is placed inside only one H1 tag. If you are using webmaster then do not use H1 tag as it will automatically created. Another thing about H1 tags is that you need to place your keywords close to the beginning as much as possible. This is because the search engines spiders when search your page, words which are placed close to the starting of the tags receive higher priority. The same goes for H2 and H3 tags as well. At present Google is not showing much relevance to H4 and H5 tags, but this probability might change in the future.


3. Use LSI to your advantage- According to experts, LSI or the Latent Semantic Indexing can discover that documents have words which are commonly used in the same context through statistical analysis. It is about trying to know about the user query’s nature and intent and to return info in context with the search of the user, even when the user provides only a small clue about the search’s actual nature. All major search engines apart from Google use LSI. This implies that they are smart enough for web copy analysis to determine if your webpage is really about the keywords that you are claiming it is about. Therefore, if your title tag, H1 and H2 tags and keywords refer to one thing and the rest of your page is actually about something else, then search engines will definitely catch it and your page will not be ranked. The best ways you can use LSI to your advantage is by including other related keywords in your text in a very natural manner and never forcefully include them in your webpage.  It has to flow naturally and easily and the page has to read as if it is meant for human reading and not for search engine rankings.