EaseUS data recovery software Review


Nothing can make you feel as helpless as losing your file to a failing PC, Mac or external drive. Situations like this occur mostly when you least expect them to happen. In the process, you may have lost your family photos or some other vital documents to this situation, and occurrences like this have left so many people heartbroken most especially if they don’t know what to do to get back their files.


Put your mind at rest; there is a solution. The solution Data recovery utility is currently not new but reading this post will only make you understand that not all data recovery software can come to your rescue. The most outstanding of all data recovery software is EaseUS. Let’s assume you have just lost your file, and you need to recover them quickly, you can recover your lost data with EaseUS free data recovery software without issues.


What can EaseUS free data recovery software do?

As earlier mentioned, not all recovery software can help you recover your files back. EaseUS free data recovery software is the best you can ever come across. The software is a lot useful in most situations free and easy to use. Since its inception, it has become the best app reviewed to have helped people recovers files from hard drives, flash drives, sd cards and other forms of file storage devices without exempting phones.


The software will also help you to retrieve all you file or data that you were unable to access from a failing CD or DVD although you may not be able to recover data deleted from the solid state drive (SSD) that is not an internal storage of your PC.


The best place or situation where you will most likely enjoy your recover deleted files with software is when you mistakenly format your thumb drive or media card without remembering to save the file already stored there or in some worst scenarios like when you falsely delete files from your phones. Anybody can fall in situations like this; regular users of the software like operating system engineers who occasionally find their clients fall victims of situations like this always don’t feel worried but have the confidence of putting smiles on their faces once again.


How to use EaseUS free data recovery software

Before we talk so much about how to use the software, let’s look at some of its great features that make it a wonderful to use the software.


  • Simple to use
  • Generates convenient searchable results
  • Recovers 2GB data for free users
  • Premium plan users are able to recover larger files


Recovering your files with EaseUS free data recovery software is more straightforward than you are thinking. The first step you have to follow using EaseUS free data recovery software is to select the drive or folder you want to recover and wait for few minutes while it completes its scan. It also offers you the grace to browse through the windows explorer style interface to filter the real document you would like to recover. The fast recovery process and performance have made it one of the top rated in the market when it comes to getting back your lost files.


The installation process is also a great experience; the installer adviser pops up when trying to notify users not to install the software in the same location you want to recover a file because it could overwrite and render the data unrecoverable.

However, as a new user, you may be directed to submit your details. Do not be surprised as it is only for updates and personal information of users are not exposed to the public, but alternatively, you can choose to ignore that.


All users who have either through referral or as a matter of coincidence come across EaseUS free data recovery software have all enjoyed every bit of the time spent. Note that the software has a premium plan for those who have larger files to recover, the free version is capable but only capacitated to perform within the range of 2GB. But premium users are free to retrieve data based on the size of their premium plans.


Honestly, there is lots of file recovery software online; a majority of them have small plans which are free just as EaseUS free data recovery software. But the unfortunate part of it is that majority are not capable of giving you your desired result instead add to your problem. The reverse is the case when you choose to use EaseUS free data recovery software. There is every assurance you will enjoy every bit of the features available on the software. If you want to recover your files, it’s advisable you subscribe to premium plans for multiple users. Premium plans will allow you operate as you want and the customer service available 24/7 will guide you on the best to use the software or help you address issues you are not capable of handling.