35 Creative and Beautiful Business Card Templates to Get Inspiration


Business card is one of the most important factors to create positivity into client’s mind. It’s some time ‘first impression is the last impression’ scenario, which favors to your business success. So, just ignoring business card design might be the reason of downfall of your business. Business card is a medium to help your clients to memorizing your business aid and keep your business identity into their mind forever. A stylish business card may give you an extra edge over your business competitors and it will define your business’s uniqueness.

If you are planning to purchase visiting cards for your business then you must consider this article once for creative and beautiful business card templates. These business card templates are designed by professional designers and might give you good inspiration. You just need to spend some bucks to purchase these visiting card templates but these are worthwhile without any doubt. You can find companies online to order business cards from, and save money on your order if you use a Vistaprint coupon code.


1. Lethal Dose

This business card is featured on a variety of inspirational business card forums and sites across the internet. The business card includes two silk matte finish card stocks that are adhesived together, punched out, and complimented with spot gloss highlights and a decorative silver foil stamp.


2. Guitar Trader

The Guitar Trader folded business card features a grunge, alternative design style, fitting to it’s industry. The guitar strings on the front of the card are stamped in silver foil, to give a real guitar effect. This unique card stands out and can be set up on a desk for an eye-catching effect.


3. Cadillac

This Cadillac business card provides class through a variety of custom options. Foil, spot gloss, and a slight die-cut all play apart within this Silk Cards design. The front type of the business card incorporates rainbow silver foil for the company and brand name. The rainbow foil looks quite picturesque displayed over the cloudy sky. On the back of the business card, the Cadillac logo is used for a subtle and classy spot gloss highlight.


4. Consultoria

The Consultoria card is actually comprised of two business cards, die cut, and glued together. This card is one of TOI’s signature Layered Cards and features a beautiful red and black foil with a stunning shiny spot gloss. The rounded corners add an extra sleek touch to complete this refined business card.


5. Avante Swim

The Avante Swim business card design is one of our Layer Cards. This modern design features two silk matte finish business cards glued together by adhesive. One of the cards has a punch out to create visibility to the card below. The design calls for spot gloss highlights and decorative gold foil.


6. Karl Johnston

The Karl Johnston card features a dynamic rainbow silver foil on a classy thick black suede card stock. The iconic aurora borealis image from the logo is scaled large to activate both ends of the “info” side of the card.


7. Dyalect

This business card is extremely custom in many forms. The card is printed on a 16pt silk matte finish card stock and contains spot gloss highlights on both sides. The design called for a one of a kind die cut (custom shape) and die cut punch to create an incredibly unique company image.


8. Sniff

The Sniff business card design involves a tear-off cardstock strip through the middle of the business card. The two-tone color palette chosen for the business card design includes the company colors of blue and red. This custom business card was printed by Taste of Ink Studios using adhesive and two sets of 14pt cardstock to create branding and unique final product.


9. Shawna Photographer

This Silk Card was designed for a child and wedding photographer. The business card design is a great mix of an elegant, yet minimalist style. Silver foil was used to highlight the logo on the front side and spot gloss for the icon version of the logo on the reverse side.


10. Ascienda

The Ascienda Mortgages card has a perfect balance of professionalism and edge. The cleanly laid out information makes it a very effective functional calling card, while the specialty die-cut punch out and contour cut make this unique and a true crowd pleaser.


11. Prudential Real Estate

This business card was designed for a prudential office out of New Jersey. Understanding the pre-established brand of Prudential, our designers decided to keep many of the same elements from a traditional Prudential business card, while promoting their logo with spot gloss highlights and decorative silver foil.


12. WG Authentic

This die cut silk laminate stock card features notched corners and spot glossed borders on either side. The logo, also designed by Taste of Ink, has elements set in silver foil. Several elements of the contact info side of the card are spot glossed for emphasis.


13. Hermosa

The client needed a card that conveyed a calm and peaceful mindset at first glance. The Cotton card was the best platform with a classic debossed pattern and striking silver foil.


14. Winten America

The Winten America business card design is one of Taste of Ink Studios most clean and simplistic designs featured within the sample portfolio. The business card is a slim cut design featuring the company name in decorative silver foil on the front and is highlighted by spot gloss on both sides.


15. Optimum Fotography

This card was designed for Optimum Fotography located in San Fernando, California and implements a punch out die-cut for the camera lens while doubling as an O in the word Optimum on the front of the business card. The overall design of the business card is traditional while still providing an extremely contemporary and custom brand for the company.


16. Razors Edge

This Silk Business Card was designed for Razor’s Edge – a design and construction company. The design includes spot gloss highlights and decorative silver foil. A custom shape was developed and used to create a custom die. This provided the business card with the identical look and cut out of an actual razor. The bottom of the card is lined with silver foil for a true razors edge.


17. Eve Lounge

The Eve business card was designed and printed for a night club in San Francisco. The design involves decorative gold foil and spot gloss highlights for a truly elegant and classy image.


18. Spring Gap Mountain Creamery

The Spring Gap Mountain Creamery business card features a beautiful spot gloss crop section of the enlarged logo for a unique visual and textural highlight. The warm yellows and oranges used in the design reference the delicious cheeses crafted by the company.


19. Allison Suter

This Cotton Card was designed for a holistic health advisor and wellness educator. A blind debossed illustration ornaments the top and bottom of this one sided letterpress card, exuding a fun, free-spirited aesthetic. A custom word mark and the contact image are set in a dark magenta ink, separated by a blind debossed vertical dividing line.


20. Cafe Jave Fine Espresso

The custom sized die cut Café Java business card was conceptualized and designed for a fine espresso coffee shop out of New York, New York. The card provides a very unique and memorable die-cut business card design while doubling for a coffee mug coaster.


21. Day Legal

This Cotton Card was designed for a Property Law Firm in Sydney, Australia. The design includes a pearl foil debossed word mark. The minimalist color palette makes efficient use two inks to create a clean but engaging layout separated by a decorative debossed dotted line that visually accentuates the web address.


22. Lady Bon Bon

The Lady BonBon card has a retro-chic appeal that blends perfectly with the custom die-cut cupcake shape. Spot gloss is used on the front and back to add an extra highlight on certain elements on the card.


23. Yellowcase

The culture of Miami requires a strong presence to be noticed not matter what industry you are in. The bright, vibrant yellow and black card uses blind spot gloss, rounded corners and a super slim cut profile to stand out in the crowd in a strong professional manner.


24. David West

David needed a card that was clean and to the point with a very classy and professional tone. Sans serif type in black ink on white Cotton and a blind deboss pattern provided the perfect solution.


25. Jaclyn Studor

This is a modern business card design for Jacklyn Studor from Cleveland, Ohio. It involves decorative silver foil with an array of spot gloss circles to create a contemporary self image.


26. Taste of Ink Studios

This particular business card was designed by Taste of Ink to display our print departments versatility and our studios design abilities. The card contains a tear off strip in the middle which hides the contact information on the business card. The card is a 16pt silk matte finish stock and was created by binding two stocks together through the use of an adhesive.


27. Nicholas Hart

This striking blind spot gloss diamond pattern sets a very luxurious and classy tone which is balanced with the sharp lines and gothic cross to create a very modern and edgy appeal.


28. Awesome Shot

This Cotton Card was designed for Awesome Shot with a minimalist and artistic edge. The card displays a single color (black) palette. The single sided cotton card contains a heavy deboss for texture, class, and definition.


29. DJ Tito Rock

The business card for DJ Tito Rock out of New York consists of a contemporary business card design that includes silver decorative foil for the contact information and spot gloss highlights to create a microphone effect for the background.


30. Caddyshack Putter

The Caddyshack Putters business card was designed for a company that specializes in unique customized golf accessories that are themed after the film Caddyshack. The business card needed to reflect this same unique and playful theme. These one of a kind cards engage the recipient and encourage interactivity.


31. E The Look

The die-cut folded card for E the Look was designed for a salon keeping uniqueness, artistic talent, and professionalism in the forefront.


32. 916 Poker Depot

This elegant die cut business card was designed custom for a poker company out of California and incorporates decorative silver foil for the aces and spot gloss highlights for the ornamental design.



This frosted transparent plastic card structures a corporate and modern company image. The unique design implements a decorative foil stamp to promote the logo and provide brand visibility.


34. Alexis Maranelli

This black suede business card is a heavy 24pt smooth stock. The suede card is stamped with decorative silver foil and metallic silver ink to display a modern and luxurious printed brand.


35. Ricky Carmichael Racing

This slim business card was designed for the world champion motocross racer, Ricky Carmichael and utilizes silver and red decorative foil with spot gloss highlights within the design.