How To Create SEO Content?


SEO Content is every text created to increase the traffic gained by search engines. In order to create a good content, you will need to make a keyword research, which means to find out the topics people are already searching on the web. Afterward, you need to learn where exactly to put these keywords for maximum exposure. The written content must be stored and organized in a logical way to help visitors navigate through articles. You must increase the visibility of the written content by marketing it on social networks.

Thin Content

For Google, it is of extreme importance to produce content that offers value to the people who search it. The search engine giant penalizes content that ranks and get clicks without providing any value.


Types of SEO ContentH

  • Blog Posts – Blog posts are the easiest way to create links and they are mainly used to build some authority for your website.
  • Product Pages – There are of extreme importance for e-commerce websites and they improve your SEO.
  • Articles – Your website must be filled with high-quality optimized articles for the search engines to rank.
  • Guides – They are basically “How-To” manuals, which explain how to do something in-depth. The best way to attract as much SEO traffic is by writing the whole guide in one single page.
  • Lists – They are a type of articles structured as a “Top 10” list. It is found that this content is far more clickable on social medias than other content.
  • Videos – Did you know that you could rank on the first page of a competitive keyword by creating a video? Creating videos on how to use a certain product, can drive a lot of traffic towards your website.
  • Infographics – Infographics contain a lot of information in the form of images. They can attract a lots of page views and even links.

How To Create an SEO Strategy

I.Set Goals

You must determine your goals, and for that matter, you must decide how you want to use your website. Are you looking to convert sales, or you are just trying to bring new traffic?

If you want to make sales, then you need informative product pages. Then you will need some How-To blog posts explaining how to use your products.

If you wish to attract readers through search, then you will need rich and sticky content.


You must often create surveys or use analytics software to determine what your visitors are looking for. When you determine that, you must think about what content they want. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile usage because it is highly important these days

III. Analyze

Always check your SEO content to determine what works the best. To measure success, you must check page views, links, comments, conversion rates and social shares.

You must study your success in order to repeat it. If your audience loves videos, then you must give them that. It is better to spend more time on content that will convert.

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