Content Marketing: Five Ways to Generate Ideas for Blog Content


Most brands realize the importance of content marketing. Presenting prospective customers with the right content at the right time during their customer journey helps drive more sales.

Obviously, having a company blog is an integral part of that, but generating ideas for it can be a challenge. Therefore, this article addresses the subject in greater detail by providing tips for new content.

1. Consider your best performing content from the past.

It’s essential to measure and track the performance of each piece of content you write. When it comes to considering your next blog post, it’s worth remembering what worked for you in the past. Writing content on similar subjects and styles can be an effective way to achieve consistent results and provide a steady flow of ideas.

2. Keep track of current trends.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to tracking trends. However, it’s always a good idea to keep track of the popular content at that time. You may choose to write directly on trending subjects, which can lead to a lot of page views over a short time.

The strategy has limitations because those page views don’t usually last for a more extended period. However, you can still write content on similar and related areas where you may find success. Remember also to address a different angle that others aren’t addressing to stand out as offering something different.

Following thought leaders on social media, seeking out presentations on the future of customer experience, and attending conferences are all ways of identify current trends in successful content marketing,

3. Keep track of your customers wants and needs.

Simply knowing who makes up your target demographic is not enough. In today’s competitive business environment, you must understand how to know your customer inside and out, and subsequently react to their changing needs in real-time.

4. Think about what’s relevant to your business.

As mentioned, relevance and focus is crucially important to success. Therefore, you want to ensure each new blog post is related to your business. Of course, this can equally help you when it comes to generating new ideas.

Monitor the news regularly for topics that may be relevant to your business. You can then write content and analysis on the issue in question. The advantage here is you have a unique take on the subject due to your industry experience. As an alternative, you can write about topics that are directly relevant based on the work you have done, or the clients you have worked with. Staying relevant in this way also increases the likelihood your audience will be interested in the subject of your blog piece.

5. Focus on universally popular topics.

Of course, it’s vital to follow the news and trends, but you can also focus on universally popular content. What this means is those topics that come around again and again with articles that are popular. For example, topics such as digital marketing and social media are always in demand, so consider writing on those if it’s relevant to your business.

However, even if it isn’t, there will be universally popular topics that are relevant to your sector. You can find them by monitoring keywords over time, and you can review the history of specific terms on Google. If you can find a handful of them, then you can write the majority of your content around these terms or related areas. 

While most brands appreciate the importance of content marketing, generating ideas for your company blog can be a complicated procedure. However, this article has simplified the process by providing some straightforward ways you can generate new ideas. Remember to consider your best performing content from the past, keep track of current trends, think about what’s relevant to your business and focus on universally popular topics.