Comparison of an Official iPhone with a Jailbroken One


An iPhone unlocked through a jailbreak is considered to be an unofficial measure, where the phone is made to work with all the global networks with an unofficial software. A jailbroken phone is also capable of running applications that aren’t approved by the maker of the iPhone. Getting your phone unlocked by this method leads to the void of warranty conditions of the manufacturing company. On the other hand, Apple provides a legal method by which you can get your iPhone unlocked from your service provider. You should use more than just an iPhone case to project your phone, you should be careful when jailbreaking your phone. Official iPhone unlock is preferred over jailbreaking, which is supported by several reasons as discussed in the comparison below.


 Official iPhone


An iPhone unlocked with a legal method doesn’t void any warranty conditions of the manufacturer, so you can enjoy warranty benefits along with an unlocked device. You can get your phone repaired from the company’s repair center, if you face any problem with your device. However, there is no such provision with a jailbroken iPhone. You can use a jailbroken phone with any of the networks but can’t enjoy the benefits covered under the warranty provided by Apple.


Application Support

With an iPhone unlocked by jailbreak, you are able to enjoy a bulk of applications that aren’t approved by the company, which are not available to be used in a legally unlocked device. No doubt, a jailbroken device enhances the database of available applications, while it also adds to the vulnerability of the device. As Apple approves only those applications that are tested to be free of any virus or any other aspect that might lead to a damage to the user or the device, so using a non-approved application could reduce the security of your phone. So, getting an access to approved applications only is preferred for the security of your iPhone and data contained in it.


Permanent Unlock

An official iPhone unlock procedure unlocks your device permanently, thus, you are able to use your phone with any of the service providers, even when you update the OS of your iPhone. On the other hand, a jailbroken phone doesn’t offer you such flexibility as you would need to get frequent updates of the jailbreaks every time you update the operating system of your phone.


Service Contract

Commonly, a phone available with a service contract with a network operator is illegal to be unlocked prior to the completion of the contract term. However, you can get your device unlocked in exceptional cases like paying an early termination fee or through an upgrade promotion or any other offer. A device purchased by paying a full amount is generally available to be unlocked, since there is no service contract signed with such a phone.



Both the processes for unlocking an iPhone are free, where a legal unlock is offered for free only if you meet certain qualification terms of the service provider. On the contrary, a jailbreaking procedure has no terms and is also free of cost, but is available on the verge of warranty and other official benefits.


Thus, you are advised to follow the official iPhone unlock procedure to enjoy all the benefits offered by the manufacturing company.