Cell C Mobile Services


Launched in 2001, Cell C has become South Africa’s third leading mobile service provider with a drive to take that lead in the ongoing and constant mobile services and communications race. With over 10 million subscribers today, their vision puts you the customer as the main focus of all that they do; all of their services that are provided aim to adhere to your lifestyle and transform the way that you communicate in it.


Cellc South Africa strives for innovation and excellence in all that they do; they were actually the first to operate on a dual band network, and are now actively trying to build the first HSPA+ network in South Africa. They aim to make communication the simplest thing you can do whether you are inside your home, out in more rural areas– anywhere and everywhere they want you covered.


Cell C Mobile Services

A big part of Cell C’s vision and philosophy is connecting with the customer. They do this in person when they are helping you find the best service for your lifestyle, and through social media and networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They relish the opportunity to gain knowledge on what their customers desire most out of them, and make every move in order to find that out.


Services that Cell C offers

Cell C has a great focus on the Blackberry and plans that surround it; there are four plans ranging from basic service to a plan that businessmen and corporation owners would especially be interested in. All four of the plans do include BBM, email, internet access, app world, and social media access. So regardless of which plan you do go with, you still have a lot of features that are sure to please.

Cell C’s Friends & Family plan is an excellent service that rewards you for making phone calls. You can choose seven numbers that you are likely to contact more often than any other number, and receive a discounted price every time you dial one of those phone numbers. This will make sure that you are in close contact with those you love most.
What are some other services I would be interested in?

Cell C cares about the community and the importance of connectivity between members of the community, especially when it comes to education. There is a wonderful service offered to educational institutions and training facilities that provides internet connection at a discounted rate. This helps insure that those who especially need connectivity are receiving it.

They also offer a Dual SIM service; this just means that they provide you with two mobile phones and two SIM cards. So say in the event one breaks, is lost, or is just dead, you have a backup one.

Cell C has already made huge progress since they were founded, but are truly looking to the future to bring technology to South Africa today. With their simple and innovative approaches to bringing top of the line communication tools to their customers, they are well on their way to the top.