Capture those Beautiful Memories with Movavi Screen Studio for Mac


Capture those Beautiful Memories with Movavi Screen Studio for Mac

One of the best screen capture software available for the Mac OS X is the Movavi screen capture studio. The software is simple and easy to use. Now one effortlessly creates several how to videos and other clips on the go with the Mac OS X screen capture available from Movavi.


The screen capture tool works on a variety of Mac OS devices, the common criteria being the 256 MB and plus RAM. The Mac OS X screen capture software is a great companion for your virtual adventures. Moreover, this software is so easy to use that you can adapt to it almost instantly.

Right Settings for better performance

Firstly, one has to start by setting the right parameters for the Mac OS X screen capture to get started. Just choose the section of your Mac screen that you want to screen capture. During this stage, the software allows you to choose if you want external sound devices to record audio or use existing modules. If you are preparing a how-to video, then you might want to highlight some parts of the screen. Highlighting the cursor is so simple with the Mac OS X screen capture that you can get started with it almost as immediately as the capture starts.

High Definition Screenshots

Unlike a lot of other software, the Mac OS X screen capture by Movavi lets you to capture high definition screenshots too, while the capture process is still going on. The coolest feature in the software would be the pre recording option that is available. You can set your own time for the recording process and let the software do its work while you do yours. Comes in handy while capturing videos and skype calls doesn’t it? The Mac OS X screen capture by Movavi simply does the job for you, in the duration that you have provided without any hassle.

Afraid that you cannot edit your existing mistakes; fear not, because the Mac OS X screen capture by Movavi gives you options to edit your screen capture even long after actually having taken it. You can add extra effects like sound, transitions etc. Similarly you can also remove your “fails” while making the screen capture. It is a great way to come up with a flawless piece of work. The software for Mac makes it all the more interesting, also because it can also be used to keep a track of what you are actually doing with your Mac, in the case of high editing and Professional creative arts.

Once you are done with your screen capture, you can save it to almost any video format with the help of Movavi Mac OS X screen capture. The software does not have a separate format for saving its file which is a win in this category. Definitely comes under the user friendly category. It provides high quality work in a matter of minutes.