Best Ways to Boost Laptop Speakers Sound Quality


Desktop users will have separate speakers like 2.1 or 5.1, etc., which enhances the sound quality. But when it comes to Laptop users, we generally have integrated speakers, which are of low power and they doesn’t suit for watching films. These days, our desktop monitors are also having integrated speakers which are also low power, but yeah these speakers along with Laptop speakers are good enough while we are watching films or other entertainment stuff along, but they doesn’t suit or provide enough sound in crowded areas. Most of the filmy lovers love to enhance the sound which helps them to feel the power of Woofer and Bass.


Quality Speaker sound in laptop


These things, creates a separate mood while watching stuff in our Laptops. There are many ways that helps us to enhance or boost the speaker quality of our laptops. We don’t have any separate software or tools that can do this job for us, as it is highly related to hardware stuff. Of course it is regardless whether we are using desktop or laptop or PDA or any other device, we always needs an amplifier which can enhance the sound of the device. In this article, we are going to deal with some of the best ways that helps us to boost the Laptop’s Speaker quality, by enhancing the sounding experiencing for the users.


Let us check out some of the best ways to boost Laptops Speaker’s Sound Quality


#1. Add Sound Extension devices for your speaker

This is one of the most prolific things that you can do, in order to improve the sound quality of the speakers. Adding sound amplifying devices to our speakers will provide exciting experience. I’ve been personally using the Sound Amplifier devices, which make me to forget about my Home Theater.


#2. Clean Your Sound Ports at regular intervals

Generally, most of us used to clean the display screen and keypad. But, it is suggested to clean the battery slot and also try to use vacuum cleaner with low blowing power and clean your speaker’s area which will definitely improve the sound quality by reasonable extent. You can also dissemble you laptop to clean the speakers, which is yet another way.


#3. Tip to increase your Laptop Battery

• Right Click on your speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices option, which results in opening a window.

• Now, you need to select “Speakers (2- HD Audio Device)” option which enables the “Properties” button and click on it.

• Another Window will be opened and then you need to select the “Enhancements” Tab where you’ll find few options like “Bass Boost”, “Virtual Surround”, etc., and you have to select the “Loudness Equalization” checkbox option and click on “OK’ or Apply buttons.

• This tip helps us to improve the laptop speaker sound by 50 – 75% which I believe is more than enough.


#4. USB Sound Card

This is yet another way of enhancing the sound of your Laptop Speakers and most of the people don’t know about this thing. Generally, we use USB devices for transferring data, but the USB sound card helps us to amplify our Laptop’s audio ecosystem. I’ve tried this sound card as well, and I was satisfied with the performance of it, as the sound generated from this card isn’t equal to the normal amplifier devices, but still it is reliably cheaper option.


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Guest Post by Siddartha Thota, who loves to write about sound enhancing tips for Speakers and you can read some of his articles like alternative softwares like Limewire.