A Complete Beginners Guide for Prestashop Users: Trade Big-Trade Online


You own local Business and you want to grow it further? You want to have an online identity for your trade? You want to target the vast crowd of online customers? If your every answer is yes then I am sure you would have dreamed about having your online store or ecommerce website.


Building ecommerce website is a very tough task; you will need to invest bundles of hard–earned bucks, you will require learning core technologies of development and many more glitches on the way.

Hey! Wait! Wait! The above stated lines were used to be in action a couple of years ago but things had changed drastically at present time. With the involvement of many open source ecommerce website building platforms; building an online store has become very easy as well as cost-effective. Moreover you can convert your website design (any format) in WordPress by hiring Developer for WordPress Conversion.

When we talk about ecommerce platforms; Prestashop is surely the name that deserves an impressive attention. Prestashop is used by more than 35000 online stores and has a community of around 50,000 members. It is an open source platform so you don’t need to spend even a single penny on the name of software download, registration fee or any other hidden charges. You can instantly download Prestahop from here {www.prestashop.com}.


Amazing Features

Prestashop offers a plethora of features for both Front-End user as well as Back-End administrator. Some of the amazing features of Prestashop include:

• Product-image zoom feature for customers
• Wide array of Payment options
• Google Checkout Module
• WYSIWYG text editor for advanced back-end Administration
• Better SEO for the Online Shop
• Maintenance mode available for the advanced management


Websites Using Prestashop

Concerned about who is using Prestashop? Actually I too was so I prepared a list of the most popular brands that are using Prestashop. You can take inspiration from these online shops to build something unique and attractive for your own.


Contentin Café

contentin cafe


Chic Art

chick art


I got Style

i got style


Diver Inside

diver inside


Design and Furniture

Design and Furniture


Installation Requirement for Prestashop

The latest stable release of Prestashop (v. 1.5.4) was introduced on March 27th 2013. You can download it from the official website or by simply clicking here. Hold On! Hold On! Before you download Prestashop and start working on your dreams; be sure that you follow the minimum requirement criteria of Prestashop.

• MySQL 5
• Linux, Unix or Windows Installed operating system
• At least Apache web server 1.3
• PHP 5.0


Step 1:

At the initial step; Access the directory where you had downloaded the Prestashop software.
After accessing the program; you will see the automatic installer screen of Prestashop. Choose the default language of your website and click next.


Step 2:

At the second step the software will start the system check. If you had followed every requirement of the software installation; the window will show a green check. If you got red check! It’s time to say ‘HELP ME’ on the online Prestashop community desk.


Step 3:

In this step you will be asked to provide MYSQL connection details to create the database for your ecommerce website.

At the next step you will be asked to choose between standard and ‘Full Mode’ installation of the program. If you are installing the Prestashop first time then I will recommend you to choose the complete installation mode.

step 3


Step 4:

Literally you had successfully installed the Prestashop till this step. In this step you will be asked to provide the username and password for your Admin interface.

Note: Choose strong password that must be a combination of Upper Case, Lower Case letters, Numbers and Symbols.
Click next after completing this form.


Step 5:

Are you looking at the Prestashop Welcome Screen? If yes then cheer up Pal! Prestashop is successfully installed on your server and you are ready to boost your Business.

Note: For additional security concerns you are advised to delete the ‘Install’ folder from the server where you had uploaded the program.


step 5



I hope this post of mine would have helped you to build your online shopping website using Prestashop. You are welcome to share your experience of building the ecommerce website in the comment section below. I will also love to hear your feedback and reviews about my work.