Beautiful Photographs of D3sign A.K.A Yiu


Yiu, a graduate of Visual Communication, BA (Honors) in Design, School of Design, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007 is a big fan of tranquil, leisure and carefree lifestyle, not even think of working in an enclosed office, therefore, he has been working as a freelance designer. At this moment, photography is an interest to him; he could go for snapshot timeliness. There is no targets, no responsibilities, no restrictions, which is differs from his routine task, the only thing is to be faith to himself — leisure and carefree. Ever since he did sell out few of his photos at the foreign websites and earn a bit US dollar lately, he is dreaming that he might be able to earn a living by photography in the rest of his life, of course, he knows, he will not be as free as now.


Finding a different place and present those in a different angle. he realize Hongkongnese, including himself are getting used to the environment, becoming insensitive to the surroundings, therefore, the photos they took turn out to be standardized. He is not willing to present his photos as an “equip-mentation”, he tries to present Hong Kong in a not Hong Kong way but he tried his concept in Japan, which might bring a different Japan to the audience. 
To refresh the mind to Hong Kong, he used to take reference to the photos taken by the tourists to Hong Kong. It is effective to learn a new Hong Kong from the point of tourists’ view.


All of these photographs are presented only for illustrating the work of artist, Blogger’s Path is not the owner of these photographs, these are the property of D3sign.