Apple’s New iPhone 4S Hits the Market


Finally Apple marked a full stop on all the rumors about the next generation iPhone device; there is no iPhone 5 as much expected by the tech expertise and the users. Apple just launched its new OS platform named iOS 5 with the iPhone 4 naming it iPhone 4S; which is a new generation although. There are no or little changes in the design of iPhone 4S compare to iPhone 4. But Apple gives it stunning features like never before – 8MP camera with capability of recording 1080P HD movie, Dual Core A5 chip claiming 2X faster speed than previous iPhone 4. Most interesting thing about iPhone 4S is its price – 64GB model is available only for $399, can you believe that? While you can get iPhone 4S 32GB model by spending only $299 and 16GB is for $199 only.


Apple’s iOS is now in the market bundled with new iPhone 4S; Apple claims that this new OS version have more than 200 new features than previous versions of iOS. Apple iPhone 4S has some noticeable features as follows –


Apple iPhone 4S


SIRI – It understands what you say

Apple introduces an intelligent agent for your iPhone 4S called SIRI; now you can talk to your iPhone, can share your desires or questions – SIRI will try to search the best possible answers for your queries; moreover you can make phone calls, send messages, set alerts and schedule meetings by giving voice command to SIRI; isn’t it great having a smart assistant like SIRI? SIRI is intelligent enough to understand your actual desire i.e. if you ask to SIRI – Any good burger joints around here? SIRI will reply “I found a number of burger restaurants near you. Then if you ask to SIRI – What about tacos? SIRI knows that you were talking about restaurants so it will find out Mexican Restaurants around you.


SIRI uses all the built-in apps of your iPhone 4S to answer your query and gives you the best possible exact information. SIRI writes and sends email messages and texts — and reads them to you, too. It searches the web for anything and everything you need to know. It plays the songs you want to hear. It helps you find your way and shows you around. It places calls. It schedules meetings. It helps you remember. And it wakes you up. SIRI tells you almost everything. And it even speaks for itself.


It’s an amazing experience using SIRI for operating iPhone, just tap the microphone icon on keyboard and start taking to iPhone, tap done when you finish, SIRI will convert your voice into text form. Use Dictation feature to update your Facebook or Twitter status easily with SIRI.


Dual Core A5 Chip

Apple claims iPhone 4S uses latest and the best processor chip available for smart phones – A5; it uses two cores to deliver up to double processing power and 7 times faster graphics in comparison of previous iPhones. iPhone 4S is the best suitable for 3D gaming as the A5 chip pushes graphics up to seven times faster. So games run smoother and they’re even more realistic. And graphics-intensive apps perform even better.


iPhone 4S is quick and responsive, which makes all the difference when you’re launching apps, browsing the web, gaming, and doing just about everything. And no matter what you’re doing, you can keep on doing it. Because the A5 chip is so power-efficient, the power-efficient A5 chip and iOS 5 deliver outstanding battery life. So you can keep making calls, checking email, playing video, and browsing the web.


8 Megapixel Camera

The iPhone 4S camera gives you 8 megapixels — that’s 60 percent more pixels than the camera on the previous iPhone 4. They’re engineered with a higher, full-well capacity to collect even more light. With more megapixels and more light, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the resolution and details of your images. So your photos look stunning everywhere you show them off — on your iPhone, your computer, or on your HDTV. And they’re rendered pixel for pixel in prints as large as 8×10.


Great photography isn’t just about megapixels — it’s about light, too. The all-new, advanced optics in this camera work together to make sure whatever light you have, gives you the best image possible. The custom lens uses five precision elements to shape incoming light, which makes the entire image sharper. The larger f/2.4 aperture lets in more light, so photos look brighter and better. And the advanced hybrid infrared filter keeps out harmful IR light, so you’ll see more accurate and uniform colors.


The A5 chip is designed with an image signal processor that’s just as good as the ones found in DSLR cameras. It’s how you can tap to focus and control exposure. And it’s the power behind zero shutter lag. The image signal processor makes the iPhone 4S camera faster, so you’ll catch all the action as it happens. The camera also uses advanced algorithms in iOS 5 for even more color accuracy, better white balance, and greater dynamic range. When you see your photos, you’ll see exactly what that means.


With new face detection, this camera is smart enough to know whether you’re taking a portrait or a group shot. It focuses on the most prominent face in the frame and balances exposure across up to 10 faces. So you’ll definitely catch smiles. And maybe even a smirk or two.


Think about all those fun, fleeting moments you wish you’d caught on film. Now you can open the Camera app right from the Lock screen. So when things happen fast, you’ll capture them fast. Compose a quick shot with grid lines and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Focus with a tap. Then press the volume-up button to take a photo. And suddenly, everything is a photo op.


Tap HDR and take a photo. iPhone 4S captures three photos from that one shot, each with a different exposure level. Then it layers the shots together to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each shot. The wide range of light is more accurate in an HDR photo. And iPhone saves both the original and the HDR photo in your Camera Roll. You can clearly see the difference.


The iPhone 4S camera has been completely redesigned on the inside, so everything you shoot outside looks better than you remember. The advanced backside illumination sensor and larger aperture let in even more light. Improved auto white balance makes color even more accurate. And temporal noise reduction helps you take great videos in low light. So night’s not too dark and candles look like candles. And you’ll see faces, places, and significant details.


Blurry faces and fuzzy action aren’t part of the plan, but unsteady hands happen. iPhone automatically steadies shaky shots with video stabilization. And if you’re recording a scene with subjects in both the foreground and the background, the camera focuses where you want. Just tap that part of the image on the screen, and it adjusts exposure to match the lighting. When you want to focus on another part of the scene, tap again.



FaceTime works right out of the box — no need to set up a special account or screen name. And using it is as easy as it gets. Let’s say you want to start a video call with your mom. Just find her entry in your contacts and tap the FaceTime button. Or just tell SIRI, “FaceTime with Mom.” Or maybe you’re already talking to her, iPhone to iPhone, and you want to switch to video. Just tap the FaceTime button on the screen. Either way, an invitation pops up on her screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, the video call begins. It’s all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape views.


iPhone has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back next to the LED flash. The front camera has been tuned for FaceTime. It has just the right field of view and focal length to focus on your face at arm’s length. So it always presents you in the best possible light.


Imagine your sister is away at school and can’t make it to your son’s birthday. So you’re cheering her up with a FaceTime call. As the cupcakes come out, your son’s eyes light up, and you just have to share it. Tap a button, and before you can say “Make a wish,” iPhone switches to the back camera and the birthday boy’s big moment. Another tap switches to the front camera and to you, simple, fast, and fun.



iMessage lets you send messages back and forth with anyone on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Send photos, videos, locations, and contacts, too. It’s unlimited. So text all you want. If you have more than one iOS device, iMessage keeps the conversation going across all of them. And you can text and send photos and videos via MMS to other mobile phones over 3G. Even ask SIRI to text for you. Just say “Tell Peter I’m on my way” and SIRI writes your message and fires it off.


Send a message to one person or to many friends at once — along with photos, videos, or links you like. When someone replies, everyone sees it. With iMessage, as soon as your message appears on a friend’s iOS device, you’ll get a delivery receipt letting you know it went through. You can enable read receipts for a visual “copy that.” And see when someone is in the middle of typing out a reply. iMessages are securely encrypted, so it’s just between friends.


No matter what you’ve got going on, here’s an easy way to remember it all. Organize everything you have to do by deadline, priority, location, or custom-made lists. And as a due date gets closer, Reminders sends you an alert so you stay on track.


SIRI sets reminders for you. Just say “Remind me to make a dentist appointment Monday morning when I get to the office.” And consider it done. Reminders and SIRI work with Location Services, so you’ll get an alert as soon as you arrive at work.



The high-resolution Retina display unlike iPhone 3GS makes text so crisp and clear, it will literally change the way you see your email. Zoom in as much as you want — the amazing pixel density of 326 pixels per inch renders text beautifully at any size, with no distracting pixilation.


With iPhone, there’s more than one way to see your messages if you have more than one account. Check each inbox separately and easily switch between them. Or, for a faster look at your new messages, view email from all your accounts at once in the unified inbox.


Calling Features

Making a call at the ballpark, in the airport, or on a crowded bus can be frustrating, if not possible, but not with iPhone. A microphone built into the top edge uses sophisticated audio technology to suppress unwanted background noise. And this technology works on everything from crowd noise and engine sounds to music and loud conversation — even just a few feet away. So the person you’re talking to can hear what you’re saying, not what you’re hearing.


Sometimes you want to see who you’re talking to, not just hear a voice. With FaceTime, you can smile and wave hello to friends and family, even when you’re thousands of miles apart. From a contact, tap the FaceTime button. Your iPhone calls someone else’s iPhone, iPad 2, or iPod touch over Wi-Fi. Or tell SIRI, “FaceTime with Dad.” You can even turn a phone call into a FaceTime call. No other phone makes staying in touch this much fun.


Visual Voicemail on iPhone is still the biggest breakthrough in voicemail since, well, voicemail. It actually lets you see all your new messages and select the one you want to hear first — just like email. So instead of listening to them in the order they were received, you can go right to the ones that are most important to you. To return a call, tap the Call Back button.


The Contacts app on iPhone is more than a list of names and numbers. Tap someone’s address and iPhone opens Maps so you can get directions. You can add photos to your contacts and see your friends’ faces when they call. Flick through your contacts, do a quick search, or tell SIRI a name and it’ll find that person fast.


After looking at the above features we can easily make an ideology that Apple not only brings the best iPhone ever but also starts a new price war into smart phone market. But the actual review is yet to come after 14th of Oct 2011 when iPhone delivery will be open for its customers, in our opinion this is the best deal in this price range, Apple has its own reputation and despite the failure of iPhone 4, it will be good to see the impact of iPhone 4S on the smartphone market, stay tuned for the further reviews of the customers. All the information in this article is collected from Apple’s website; all the information and features mentioned here are subjected to change as per Apple’s notification.