8 ways of boosting your mobile marketing this year


To boost company sales and values, savvy business owners are ensuring their online marketing is accessible easily on an mobile device. When a company launches new products and services they use the tools and knowledge to attract customers. With every year companies resort to new ways of boosting their mobile marketing. Consumers are using their mobiles extensively for reviewing products and buying and making purchases. If your company is backward in its mobile strategy, then it is time you focus on this area of marketing to ensure that your brand is noticed by your target consumers.

The following are some ways of boosting your mobile marketing.

  1. Mobile version of your website


Clients want mobile sites which can be easily accessed using their mobile devices anywhere and at any time. Clients want mobile sites to load fast and which are optimized for mobile viewing. You must make sure that the important info on your site can be accessed easily and page navigation is easy with clear links and user friendly icons. Clients will feel happy when they can quickly find the most important info about your company on their mobile devices, instead of driving to your office for the same. If you do not have a mobile ready site, you will lose your sales before you even interact with your client.

  1. Relevant articles and content


Potential customer do more than just searching for what your company does. They will appreciate relevant and valuable content on your site. If you fail to connect with your possible clients and provide them the industry info they are looking for, you will fail at building your brand credibility and you will lose sales. So connect with them through relevant content and articles about your industry and boost your sales.

  1. Use the right keywords

Hand writing Keywords with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

Though this is an old school technique, using proper keywords is very important to mobile marketing just like content marketing. The main difference is that when you are tweaking your mobile marketing platform, you must use the right keywords along with the keywords related to your business.  When your consumers are searching on their phones or tablets, they are searching locally, so you must include your locales in your keyword optimization. Also, because of small sized keywords, most of the users are only going to type mostly just 3 keywords. So use mobile only keyword tools in AdWords. Though your goal is usually to land in the top most searches on a desktop search, your mobile search goals has to be to land in at least the top 3, as mobile users do not scroll down too much on mobile devices.


  1. Mention your contact information


Though this is obvious, but it is sometimes forgotten by some business owners. If your business has operation from a physical location, it is very much important that you include your business’s contact information in your mobile marketing scheme. Your contact information has to include your phone number, address, operating hours and map which ensures that consumers can locate your business easily. Ensure that your business is listed in the local business directories and listings too.


  1. Experiment with your site


Nothing will go wrong with some experimentation when it comes to your mobile site. Mobile marketing platform is one area where you can experiment. On an average users looks at different websites during the day, to catch their attention you must provide something innovative and different from the rest out there. You must experiment with the entertainment part of your site to check if you can improve the consumer engagement between your business and your customers. Provide polls to increase your consumer interaction, create videos which explain your products in a better way and share your info graphics related to your industry. Be creative to drive your users engagement.


  1. Connect with your consumers


One advantage of mobile marketing is it is very easy to connect with your potential consumers than through the regular search engine marketing. Mobile marketing has to be your priority of your overall strategies. If you are setting up a sale or have something new to offer the customers, then you must ensure that you include this on your mobile site first as this is where your consumers will look at first. To drive your response rates even more, you must give your users an option of opting in to receive the alerts when you have something new to offer to your consumers. There are plenty of tools to help you connect with your consumers. When you are providing a sale on products or launching new products of your brand, advertise it your mobile site first. The opt-in features encourages your customers to sign up to get alerts for your business. You have to use the click to call features as part of the pay per call campaign for making it easy for your customers to click a single button and connecting with your company personally.


  1. Mobile app


With more and more use of smart phones, people are spending a lot of mobile time using mobile apps. This does not mean that every company requires a mobile app, it is definitely advantageous to have a mobile presence within apps like LinkedIn and Facebook which are easy to search and easy to use. Your company profile has to be complete on these sites and update the relevant information regularly. With the smart phone screen size increasing, and data transfer speeds increasing, it is becoming more easy for your current and prospective client in finding and consuming your company info on their mobile devices. Businesses who adopt smart mobile marketing will be in a better position to tap into the swiftly growing market of mobile customers and stay ahead of the competitors.


  1. Be creative


For marketers who are afraid of drifting from the tried and tested methods when designing a mobile site, they can experiment and be more creative with mobile devices for driving more engagement. This is because of the fact that users are often looking for an entertaining aspect when using their mobile devices.