Let Boogie-Woogie Your Desktop With Live Music Streaming


If someone asks you what the toughest job is over internet, my answer will be the finding my favorite music track, and I’m pretty sure most of you out there will shack your head in assertion. Music is an essential part of everyone’s life, it plays crucial role to let down day’s stress easily (especially for the Geeks). But there is always a solution of every problem – Music Streaming may be the best possible choice for listening music easily and Free (Hmm, now you are happy). With so many sources available over internet, there is now way you won’t be able to find your favorite music track. The good thing comes with these music stream is – it’s available on many (or must say every) platform, whether on PC, your smartphone and HD media players.


The biggest limitation with Online Music Streaming is the amount of bandwidth on offer, and the quality as well. If the internet connection you are using is 512KBPS of higher, then you’ll be able to enjoy stutter free online radio, even you might become good friend with term ‘Buffering’. You will face bigger problem in streaming if you are on mobile network or using data card. 3G data cards with sufficient speeds and signals at that time will work fine.


Online Radio/Music Streaming offers both free and paid versions. If you aren’t very finicky about having the absolute ultimate package available, we suggest trying out the free options. If they solve your requirements, fair and good, no need to pay! And if they don’t then you should try out subscription offer. Most of the users might on the unlimited internet uses plan but be aware of ‘Fair Uses Policy’ of ISP, if you cross the limit of you Fair Uses Data, your internet speed will get chopped quite a bit for the rest of the billing cycle.


Here are the best online music streaming services, that are available in whole world especially in Indian Region. The likes of Pandora are not available in India due to geographical and contractual restrictions.


1. Last.fm

The way this site works is fair simple, it offers various Radio Stations based on Music Genre. This is the best method to prevent from listen same music over and over. This service is available on PC via web browser and on Android and iPhone via application. You have to subscribe after 30 songs free trial if you are living outside of USA or UK.
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2. TuneIN

This is one service that seems to be available on almost every device you may lay your hands on. With over 50,000 radio stations catering to music, sports and talk, available for free, we are sure you’ll find something to your liking here. It has more than 4,000 Indian Radio Stations as well. This audio streaming is available on PC via Web Browser, on iPhone and Android Phone and WD live HD media player.
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3. Live365

This is the most used online music streaming website ever, it offers its services on every possible medium – PC, PC apps, iPhone app, Android app, Facebook Page, Blackberry app, Windows Mobile app, Widgets for your blogs and WD HD media player. On PC, it offers ad supported ‘No Subscription Needed’ access version without use time limit while on other medium you need to purchase VIP access of $7.95.
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4. AccuRadio

Absolutely free radio streaming, it presents very sleek interface which appeals visually as well as content wise, no need to sign up just download the app available for iPhone, Android and Palm WebOS.
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5. GrooveShark

The interface offered within the web browser is quite funky, but does tend to lag a bit on slow broadband connections. GooveShark will allow you to sign up for free and let you listen to unlimited tunes. However, there are a couple of paid options as well. Upgrade for GooveShark Plus for $6 per month if you don’t want any ads with the service. Paying $9 per month for Grooveshark anywhere will give you access to the Plus features in addition to the service on Blackberry and Palm. The GrooveShark App has been removed from the Apple Store and Android Market after complained by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for infringed on some artist copyrights.
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6. Deezer

This is one super loaded platform and the sheer variety of music on offer is just superb. Over 6.5 Million tracks are available for your listening pleasure and it’s highly unlikely that an artist and the tracks won’t be there. However, we did manage to find some missing links.
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7. SHOUTcast

Over 40,000 free internet radio stations on tap, and counting, this service won’t disappoint you when you’re been humming in your head! Start listening to radio without signup, but if you want to stream your own station, then a signup is necessary. The free service extends to the iPhone/iPad Touch platform with a dedicated app.
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