7 Tips for Designing a Website Layout


A website layout and design attracts the readers and makes the content reader friendly. Here are the tips that you can accomplish while you are in the process of designing your website. They are easy to follow and deliver impressive results, despite their simplicity. There are various websites which can help you to make a website layout. Make a website for free with www.webstarts.com.


Make it unpretentious

Speaking about simplicity it happens to be the first thing to be considered. Keep your website simple. Do not make it loaded with gimmicks. Avoid java scripts add-ons and other things. They tend to make the site slower, and no user enjoys that. If plugins are required, avoid using such files. Plugins are to be installed in the computer, and the loading time is more. If you still want to allow plugins, offer a different link from the site to the plugins, which is better.


Avoid too many Images, Video and Audio

This is also making the site look uncluttered and easy. You need to understand that media files are not easy to load and they take longer time. When you include the images that are of large size, viewing them in Android phones or iPhones is extremely difficult. In fact, smart phones can make the photos change from portrait to landscape, but the resolution become poor. The GIF images to be loaded should be minimized else, the server calls, will be limited.


Tips for Designing a Website Layout



Sectioning the Layouts

Your layout should be divided into sections and each section should have good contents or images. But, do not make it cluttered with sections. The sections should help the client get ideas that are central themes. Only necessary components will make it readable and compact.


Do not miss the details

You should devote your attention even to smallest details. When you want the layout to be comprehensive, then this is particularly crucial. All the aspects right from the background color, texture, the boxes, and to the buttons or whatever you find on the layout are to be attended with equal importance.


Give enough space

Do not think the presence of white room would make the user feel that the site has a lack of information. Use the white space between the images and text. It gives a sense of avoiding jumble of information. Without white space, the site looks overloaded, and readers never prefer to stick to the site despite the text you have penned down.


Remember the components

Each component should be given equal importance, regardless of what it is. You need to treat each of them with essential value as if each component is the single one in your site.


Color Schemes

Choose colors for text and background that go which other. Vibrant colors may look attractive, but do not justice to your content. Highest contrast can be achieved when you use the shades of white and black for text and background. This is the best way to highlight the colors. Do not load the site with colors. It may lead to confusion. You can use different colors for paragraph, headings, links etc. But ensure that they do not make an impression of assortments to the layout.

When you have done all these, never fail to bring passionate to the layout. Only then you will get to know the pros and cons. Also, make sure the presentation is easy enough even for a child to understand.