6 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Black & White Brochure


If a brochure is coloured, its colours speak for it but that doesn’t mean a black and white brochure can’t make an impact on the mind of audiences. Of course, there are few things which you need to keep in mind while designing it. Let us see what those things are.


Understand the purpose of the brochure

Of course, what exactly you want to convey using your brochure is one of the most important aspects which you should keep in mind before start. As you have only two colors you should use simple (may be pencil made) pictures which are relevant to your purpose. Add some social responsibility like use recycled paper for brochure; it will be a good idea to leave an impression and message at the same time.



First thing which will get noticed will be the cut of the brochure. You can experiment with the shape and consider unconventional ones to attract the audiences. For example, an automobile company dealer can invite masses on its opening, if the brochure shape is of a key or car. At first glance, a custom cut shape will definitely get noticed as compared to the regular shapes.


brochure design tips



Keep it light in content; an attractive headline with creative font and styles will have fabulous impact on reader’s mind. Some messages look beautiful when shaded and some leaves a long lasting impact when written in intense style. It is necessary to take care of such small but life changing pointers. Make sure the crux of your message should be clear from the cover itself.


Design & Inside

As you have only black and white color; it becomes more important for you to display crisp and catchy content. Never mind to cut some of your darlings to make the information crispy. Highlight what potential customers are losing if not using the services of your company. Use of headlines and sub headlines will be helpful. Apart from crisp and clear content, division is also important. In black and white brochures you can’t use color to divide content; you can use boxes or bars to segregate information. It will not only divide your content; if cleverly done, it will save space and add sophistication to the brochure. Make sure you highlight those crucial things which you want the audiences to remember. Don’t forget to print your contact information at suitable and easily traceable place specially in the case of postcard printing because sometimes it would be difficult to find out contact details.


Paper & Ink

Sometimes the texture of paper can be the deciding factor, whether the reader will pick your brochure from the stand or not. Make sure the paper type; gloss or matte, textured or plain should blend will black or white ink. The quality of ink will be another factor where you can’t compromise and a weeping low quality ink will wash away money you invested in brochure creation. Always choose best printer for brochure printing by checking reviews from Internet or from your business friends.



How you fold your brochure is important. Firstly, it will grab lot of information while keeping the size small. Secondly, if folded in some innovative manner will make your brochure stand out for all good reasons even with black and white colour. Innovation is the key here.

So you are going to present your information in solid black and white for a dramatic yet simple effect. I am sure you will be able to do it; all you need is a creative design crafted on suitable paper. Keep the above mentioned things in mind while designing b & w brochure which will do wonders and will stand out even without colours on it.