6 Best Android Apps To Spy


There are several reasons why a situation of spying on your husband comes into the picture. Any relation is based on trust and if that is under question, it is better to be sure and spy then stay in doubt forever. This will increase bitterness in any relationship. There are times when you are just over thinking and a situation of doubt arises. So it is better to get your answers beforehand. We know this can be a task for you and it is not easy in any ways. This is why we have come up with apps which will help you in the process and make it a little better if not entirely.

  • Top Spy:

This app is one of the most recommended ones of all. Just like its name, it is one of the most top spying apps of all which monitors various activities. This app helps you get an access to call log, SMS, remote contact list collection and even GPS location tracking on the cell phone. One of the striking features is that it gives you the power to disable inappropriate content which is displaying on the target Smartphone. And what’s more? You can maintain full secrecy while doing something like this.

  • Mobi Stealth:

This particular literally works in stealth mode and gets the work done in no time. It allows you to have information regarding emails, text messages, call logs, pictures, videos and even web browsing history. Additionally, it has a Spy call feature, which helps you to listen live to the cell phone surrounding. Which just a bare minimum subscription, it gives you such features.

  • mSpy:

This is one of the longest-running and highest rated apps for tracking someone down. This app works like a GPS, where you know where the person is going and gives you real-time information. You can easily catch the person lying if they tell you they will be there in a few minutes while it takes them an hour long. It provides a comprehensive and reliable tracking device of the user. All you have to do is install this app on the target’s phone and let it work.

  • mCouple:

This app is a nightmare for any partner who is cheating on their better half. This app lets you get all the information to every phone call. It gives you access to other activities and apps as well like Facebook, Skype, and other IM accounts. Any videos or photos which are shared with your partner’s Smartphone, you will know about it. So you are going to have plenty of evidence in case your partner is cheating.

  • Couple Tracker:

This app is unique in its own way because it reduces the risk of cheating or affair. It is based on a different concept; mutual monitoring and transparency strengthen a relationship. You have to install this app on your and your partner’s phone so that you can get real-time data which is so quick that your partner will not have time to even delete any pieces of evidences.

  • Sneaky Cam:

This app gives full justice to its name. You can sneak in a picture whenever you want without anyone noticing and does not show the camera on the screen, instead hides it in the folder of sneaky cam. Set the transparency of the screen in a way that you can get the idea of camera preview. All you have to do is open and touch on the screen to take a picture.

After all this, if nothing really works out for you, all you can do is go the conventional way and see text messages and track their apps in their absence. But that is too much efforts and risk. Would you be okay taking such a risk? If no, then stick to the original plan and select any one of the above-listed apps and get going. However, there are certain things you need to check before actually installing the app on your or your partner’s phone. First being the cost, that whether the app is worth the money you are paying. For this, you need to check the features it offers. Second, the reliability. You need to ensure that it protects your information at all times and does not lead to any privacy invasion since that can lead to legal implications.

Lastly, you need to ask yourself whether you really want to do this, or you would want to directly confront your partner. Well, the latter is the more difficult thing to do. Make sure it can have an impact on your relationship. It can either turn out to be fruitful or the opposite. So evaluate the gravity of the situation and then take a decision.