5 Ways To Maintain Excellent Client Relationships by Gaurav Bhattacharya


Client relationships are much like any other relationship. You will need to put extra effort into making it strong and last longer. Your relationship with clients is built with actions you take over time. 

As the CEO of a tech-based startup, I always try to keep a strong bond with my clientele as I strongly feel client relationships are the heart of any business. Not only a good client relationship reduces the churning of customers, but it also helps you establish new connections.


Since gaining new customers is about seven times more expensive than maintaining the current ones, I advise startups to build lasting relationships with their clients. 

Below is what I do to build and maintain relationships with my clients. 

Focus on Excellent Communication

Regardless of what business you’re into, it should be your priority to have efficient and timely communication with your clients. Of course, you can’t unreasonably infringe on your personal time, but being available shows that you give importance to your client’s project and satisfaction.

Apart from timely and thorough communication, I ensure my clients are feeling comfortable in sharing issues they are dealing with. They must feel that their ideas and concerns are taken seriously.  

Try to Maintain a Positive Attitude

Being a small business owner, you have to meet several responsibilities simultaneously. Sometimes, it makes you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it is essential that you show your positive face to your clients. When you demonstrate a positive attitude toward your clients, clients enjoy working with you.  


Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Although your relationship with your clients is professional, you must acknowledge them as an individual. However, to which extent this personal connection is necessary will depend on your client type, client personality, and industry. For instance, if your clients are parents, you may probably ask how their children are doing. If you’re in a closer relationship with your client, you may try something more personal -maybe like emailing them a blog about their favorite musicians.     

Try to Be as Open as Possible

Trust is the foundation of strong and lasting relationships with clients. To ensure your clients trust you as an expert, maintain a policy of openness in regards to your professional views regarding the best interests of a client’s project.

When you confidently convey your honest opinion, clients respect your initiatives and desire for excellence.

Share Knowledge

If your clients are not aware of your area of specialization, they may feel uninformed about the ins and outs of the process and therefore detached from the development of the project. 

Consequently, you must share precise information about what you do that will build trust and confidence in the process.

Bonus Tips

One of the ideal ways to build and maintain a strong client relationship is, develop a reputation as a company that delivers exceptional results. But it does not mean you have to promise unrealistic results. Set reasonable expectations and impress the client with the final project. 

Try to know what would be valuable to your clients. It could be as simple as delivering the project in a pleasing format, giving an in-depth demonstration, and more.

This is all I do to take client relationships to the next level. Hopefully, you will find it helpful too.