5 ways in which you can conduct your own keyword research


These days a good keyword research is a very important skill for online marketers. To come with good quality content for your website, you must start with keyword research. Good content marketers use keyword research to find out what topics they need to write on and what phrases to include in their writing. The following are the fundamentals of keyword research and how you can start with your own keyword research and select the right search terms for your target customers. The following are 5 steps to it.

  1. Take a sheet of paper and document all the possible keywords your target customers will probably search for on the search engines. For example if you have dog grooming business. The keywords your target customers will search for are Dog grooming, Pet grooming, Dog grooming products etc.These are just a few of the keywords and the list could go on. So, start making a list as list out keywords as many as you can.
  2. keywords-ebay-buying-softwareNow that you have a list of your own keywords, start building on that list using a keyword planner, the best one is Google Keyword Planner. To get started set up a adwords account to use this tool. When you have done it you can see many options that include a place where you can enter your list of keywords. Initially it is best to avoid leaving the website field blank and the advanced filters, to get an overview of the popular keywords for your business. Now, enter the keywords you have listed in the above step.
  3. Google-Keyword-Planner-LargeWhen you finish your list, click the download button and export it into Excel. This will simplify your job of sorting the keywords into volume and competition. Focus on the top 5 keywords which are high in volume and low in competition and attract your target customers.


4. When you have necessary keywords you are good to start your Search engine marketing and content strategy. Create a report to check your ranking on those terms. Use tools available online for this, they are easy to use and you can keep a constant check on your progress with your marketing efforts and content strategy.


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5. Now you have done whatever you could, it is time to be patient. It takes some time to be ranked for your keywords so do not lose patience, just keep on working on content building and website creation which has a great user experience and which will provide you your target customers with the info your customers are looking for and before you even realize it you will start to see your website rankings for your target keywords. You must continue monitoring and tracking your progress. Maintain a record of the content you keep adding to your site and the tweaks you make to your website so that you can have an understanding of what helps you crawl up your site rankings on the search engines.