5 Tips To Build A Successful Business Blog


Building a business blog is an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign.  You won’t get far with a generic, boring collection of posts, so it’s wise to invest some time and research in what it takes to create a blog post that matters to web users.

Visibility is vital to your success in any digital medium, so learn the various ways in which your content can catch the eye of Google’s sorting algorithms.  Take a moment now to learn about a few things that really make a difference in the success of your business blog, and prepare your operation for an influx of traffic.

Choose great keywords and phrases

The keywords and phrases you use within the text and metadata of each blog post send a very specific message to the search engines of the internet.

If you work in Cloud services, your blog posts should feature topics regarding Cloud technologies and business applications.  Teach business owners how to incorporate your services into their operations through relevant keywords and phrases.

Ideally, you want your blog posts to rank first in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and the right keywords/phrases will help you achieve your goal.  Use the tools Google provides to help find the best keywords to use in each post, and strike it rich with online visibility.

Build for your mobile audience

Mobile users are the majority online now, so designing to please the mobile community will help draw more interest to your blog posts.  Structure your posts in brief paragraphs to retain readers’ interest.

Speed and convenience are the name of the game online, so long and drawn out blog posts don’t always hit home like you might hope.  Look into what it takes to create a blog with responsive design, and attract the mobile users to your wise words.

Write about relevant topics

It’s important that the blog posts you create are relevant to your operation.  Choose topics that will intrigue your target web users, and offer something informative in your text.

Teaching readers will help you to build a loyal following that will return to read every new post your business drops.  Your blog can be a strong marketing tool, so don’t miss the mark on relevance.

Create opportunities for communication

Use your business blog to connect and communicate with target consumers/clients.  Each blog post is an opportunity.  Add spaces for readers to opt-in on your email listings, and add room for readers to leave a comment after each piece.

Add social media to the mix

Social media is a great addition to your blog posts.  Add social media sharing icons to your design, so interested readers can easily share your information.  You can capitalize on your great posts by adding a few small, clickable icons to your design.