5 Tips on Search Terms and Keywords for PPC in Service Industries


Using keywords to optimize your website for PPC is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, drive traffic, and achieve other important goals for your business. But buying search terms is often expensive and many of the keywords you get are too generic to really drive the kind of results you are after. So here are 5 tips to help you make smarter choices and better optimize your campaign with keywords for PPC.

#1 Be Specific

Your keywords are absolutely critical but if your website is just loaded with a bunch of generic keywords that are too broad or all over the place, you aren’t going to do very well. You need to target your keywords specifically to the customers you want.

And you also need to take into account trends that change with the seasons. Specify your keywords to the things people are most likely to be searching for at that time of year.

Then specify it further to fit geographic variables. If you’re a locally based company, target your local customers. If you’re attracting customers from around the world, focus on localized keywords to your key markets. Where are you trying to get customers from?

Specificity makes your website more relevant and more convincing for both Google’s bots and for your audience.

#2 Remember Mobile!

It’s not just the coding of your website that needs to be able to adapt to a mobile device. You also need to adapt your keywords. Think about how and what you search when you’re using your phone or tablet.

Keyword length is generally shorter. The searches are usually more local. And there’s a higher chance for misspelling search words. Mobile searches could be accounting for as much as half of your search volume so you don’t want to neglect these differences.

#3 Get the Timing Right

This is something you won’t be able to do right away. At the beginning, you’ll just want to run the campaign 24/7. But after it’s been up awhile, take a look at the data and find out when people search, when they are clicking through, and when they convert.

After that, you can optimize your campaign to run certain ads at certain times to more efficiently reach your customers. You can learn more about this and other tactics by checking out this ppc for travel industry guide here.

#4 Don’t be afraid of trying something new

A keyword that was performing amazing last year might not be getting you the same results anymore. The way people search and the things they are searching change. And you need to keep up with those changes. So you should always be on the lookout for new keyword trends and ideas that you can use. And at the same time, be aware of the old ones that you should stop focusing on.

#5 Follow through on the landing page

This is a serious mistake that a lot of people make when starting out. The content in your ad needs to match the content on your landing page. If you’re talking about a special travel package that you offer, for example, your ad has to take them directly to that offer—not just to your homepage or some other irrelevant page.