5 Medical Apps for iPhone That You Can Use to Learn More About Your Vision


One of the great things about Apple’s iOS platform is its versatility. Because app developers all over the world can design professional applications quickly and easily, apps are getting continually better at tackling specific subjects. One such example of this phenomenon is the sheer volume of excellent vision-related guides available in the iTunes App Store right now. These applications can be used to learn more about specific conditions, get tips on how to correct issues you may be experiencing and more.


Five Medical Apps for iPhone


MedPage Today Mobile

MedPage Today Mobile is a great way to keep up to date on all medical-related news and breakthroughs, including information about eye and vision related topics. The application is optimized for both the iPhone 5’s larger dimensions and advancements that were brought to all iOS devices by the iOS 6 operating system. You can program the application to only display news and information about topics that are relevant to you, putting only the latest news that you actually want in the palm of your hand.



Medscape is a mobile reference book designed and formatted specifically for the iPhone and iOS 6 devices. Medscape is powered by WebMD, which is a leading research used by real health care professionals on a daily basis. You can use the Medscape application to diagnose certain symptoms you may be experiencing and find out more information about certain vision-related topics that may be relevant to your current situation.


Eye Model

Eye Model is an application that operates exactly how you’d expect it to. The application features high resolution images of the human eye. You can use your fingers to rotate the eye in 360-degree circles and can even double tap on a specific area to zoom in and find out more information. Eye Model is a great application for getting a better understanding of exactly how the eye works, and what kinds of things are happening when it doesn’t.


EyeDecide MD

EyeDecide MD is an application specifically designed to teach you more about conditions that can affect the eye and vision, as well as about the general anatomy of the human eyeball. The application describes various eye conditions in great deal and can even be used to book appointments at local physicians. EyeDecide MD can also take advantage of the AirPlay capabilities of the iPhone, which enables users to display visual information from the app on a TV screen thanks to devices like Apple TV.


Opticalc Contact Lens Calculator

Opticalc Contact Lens Calculator allows users to get a better idea of how soft contact lenses are supposed to fit. Users can input a specific refraction and vertex distance to get a recommended lens power based on that information. Opticalc Contact Lens Calculator is a great tool for both medical professionals and home users alike.

In an age where people walk around with more computing power than ever before in their pockets and purses, it makes sense to take advantage of these technological leaps for one’s own benefit. By downloading a few specific applications you can get a better understanding of how your eyes work, any conditions that you might have and the steps that you need to take to correct them.

Jack Douglas is an iPhone app developer. He likes staying on top of the latest advancements in apps for eyesight and sharing his findings on various iOS blogs. To learn more about ordering contact lenses online, visit the Lenstore for more details.