5 Best Android Apps to Stay You Social


The trend of social media is at the peak of graph nowadays. The value of social media even becomes of more importance if you are an internet marketer or blogger. It has become the necessity for success in blogging. You need to stay social if you want to get benefit from social media. But to stay active on social media always is not an easy task especially, when you are on travel.


But your favorite gadget Android smartphone can help you in this as it has got many apps for social media. You can find thousands of apps related to social media. Choosing the best ones can be tricky task. In this post I am going to list the best Android apps for social media. So let’s have a look.


Android Apps for Social Life


1. Twitter

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This micro blogging website can be used to stay in touch with your idols and can also work as an endless source of traffic for your website if you make the perfect use of it. The best app related to Twitter is its official app. Of course, there are a plethora of other clients available which lets you perform necessary functions using different gestures. You can find thousands of apps made for Twitter only but official application will serve the purpose for most of the time. You can post tweets, reply to other tweets, check your direct messages and feed with this official app. To stay active on Twitter via your Android, this app is the best choice. Unfortunately, multiple column support is not available but it can be achieved through other twitter client.



2. Facebook

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Well, unless if you’re not living in Stone Age then you must have heard of Facebook. The king of social networking sites is the best place to hang out with friends and family member. But it doesn’t only stop there. Internet marketers have started exploiting its potential to generate more sales leads. One cannot underestimate the value of Facebook in daily life. It helps to keep you in touch with friends or family. You can use the official Facebook app for Android to stay active on this ever growing social networking site. With this app you can check the latest updates from your friends, post status updates and can check notifications as well. For all the Facebook lovers, this app surely deserves the space on your Android.



3. Foursquare

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If you are one of those who travel a lot, then this is the app made just for you. This app works on your device’s GPS facility and allows you to share your location with your friends via the Facebook or Twitter. You can use this app to stay connected with your friends and to check their locations. Foursquare also rewards you for each check-in you made. It has become an easy to use to tool know where your beloved mate is.



4. IM+

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If you love chatting with your friends online then this is the app waiting for you to download it. You can find millions of app for chatting purposes, but this is somewhat better and probably the best. IM+ has already made a huge buzz as an all-in-one instant messenger. Users can stay online on multiple social networking sites at the single instance. This app allows you to stay active on the social media while you are on go.



5. CNN

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Staying social does not mean to stay active on social networking sites only. You need to stay active with latest happening around you or anywhere in the world. The news related apps can help you in this cause and CNN is probably the best app for Android to get the up to date information about the latest happenings. You can get the news related to tech, finance and all topics directly on the screen of your Android.



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