4 Reasons Why You Need a Business Number

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These days, it seems everything is done online. Customers view products, make purchases, and send inquiries on your website. Why would they ever need to call? No matter if you’re a freelancer, a startup entrepreneur, or you have an actual office, you need more than a good website. You still need to have a Business phone number. Here’s why.

Customers Still Call

Sure, there’s a lot of communication that happens online these days. In some cases, a customer might need an answer right away. Perhaps they have an urgent question or want to find out if you have a specific product in stock. An email might not get answered for a few hours while you’re busy with other tasks.

When reading an email, you might misunderstand what a customer is asking or telling you. With a phone call, a customer can clarify what they mean. There are also still many individuals who prefer speaking with a human rather than typing an email.

Build Trust with Customers

These days, finding out that a business doesn’t have a website can be unsettling. It’s almost unheard of. Many people feel the same about businesses that don’t have a phone number. Anyone can put up a website and claim to be a legitimate business. Being able to call and speak to an actual person can make you much more trustworthy.

You Look More Professional

In addition to making your more trustworthy, a business number can make you appear much more professional. Customers expect to find a phone number on your website, business card, and other promotional materials.

At the same time, having a separate number from your personal number can help you to differentiate your calls. How you answer a call on your personal line will be very different than how you answer a call on your business line. You avoid accidentally answering a business call informally, which could otherwise affect what a customer thinks of you.

It Can Help Your Google Ranking

Not only do customers trust numbers, but so does Google (and other search engines). Your Google My Business page (and other listings) is essential for your ranking and can help customers to easily find you. This page includes your business name, business address, and your phone number. Inconsistent NAP information can result in lower rankings, meaning that you could be losing out on potential business.

Even if you don’t have an actual business phone, a dedicated phone number for your business is still an important part of communication. After getting a separate number for your business, make sure that you place it on your website and use it for all of your business-related matters.