4 Niche Areas of Law That You Can Pursue


If you are on the path of becoming a lawyer, you might not yet know what sort of niche area of law you would like to practice. Chances are, you have had visions of going to court and defending a high-profile corporate client or taking care of the underprivileged in society.

However, the reality of practicing law can be very different. You might find that you have a true knack for a niche area of law where you can do a lot of good. Clients in all sorts of industries need representation by lawyers who are well versed on the ins and outs of even the most obscure aspects of the law.

Here are four niche areas of law that you might not have considered pursuing.

1. Telecom Law

TelecomLaw, which is short for telecommunications law, involves working with certain types of companies that deal with wireless and wired communications. Attorneys in this sector handle everything from cell tower lease agreements to dealing with the FCC on behalf of their clients. This area of the law is perfect for attorneys with a penchant for technology.

2. Employment Law

Employment law is an increasingly popular area of law. Also known as labor law, this niche practice area tends to deal with the relationships between the employees of a certain entity and that entity’s head.

From the private sector to government employees, employment attorneys are out to make sure that everyone’s best interests are kept in line with the rights of all individuals involved. As an employment attorney you would deal with a lot of cases that involve equal opportunity violations and other employee rights abuses.

3. Bankruptcy Law

When a private individual or company declares bankruptcy then they are essentially petitioning a court to forgive the debts that they owe but are unable to pay. A bankruptcy attorney is needed in order to properly file that petition, which is specific to the severity of the situation. Such a lawyer must be able to properly file the appropriate petition based on what chapter of bankruptcy is being declared.

Another reason that a client might employ a bankruptcy lawyer is to fight harassment from creditors. When the process of filing for bankruptcy is under way, it can often become necessary for a bankruptcy attorney to step in to inform creditors about the situation and put an end to the constant calls, especially if those calls are of an abusive nature.

4. Art Law

Art and culture law mainly deals with the cultural and intellectual property created by artists. This niche or practice involves aspects of international law, as the market for fine arts tends to cross international boarders. It also deals in contracts law in some cases when an artist is contracted to do a certain amount or type of work. Any time there is a dispute about the authenticity of a work that can impact its value, an art attorney is needed.