4 Best iPod Kits for Your Car


For some of us, driving without music is equivalent to taking a long walk of solitude. Driving with a defunct music system can be stressful and take away from the joy of the ride. Music adds that umph to your drive and even more so when it is transmitted clearly and smoothly. Here are some of the best iPod kits available on the market that can be installed in your car to ensure that you can enjoy seamless music while driving.


1. The Belkin Tunecast

Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter eliminates most of the concerns people once had about the many drawbacks associated with FM transmitters for iPhones and iPods. This device is a GPS-assisted iPhone FM transmitter that makes it easier to quickly find stations that will transmit the clearest. There is no need to use airplane mode. It plugs into your car’s power jack then a cord is run to your iPod or iPhone’s dock connector. There is a remote control on the cord that is used for finding the stations of your choice and setting them as favorites.


2. Griffin iTrip Auto iPod FM Transmitter

This device changes iPod/iPhone while it is being used and has optional iPhone apps. It works similarly to devices such as TuneCast Auto and Montser’s iCarPlay 800. On one end it plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter while on the other end it connects to your iPod or iPhone’s dock connector. To transmit music from your iPod or iPhone to your car’s stereo you use the small remote on the cable. It allows you to search and select an FM frequency on which to broadcast. The remote has an easy-to-read screen that is night time friendly as it lights up when in use. Griffin iTrip Auto comes with three preset stations plus many other options. The device scans for interference-free stations or you can tune for them manually.


Best iPod Kits for Your Car


3. Belkin TuneBase FM iPod FM Transmitter

The Belkin TuneBase looks different from other iPod FM Transmitters as the apparatus is almost large, as opposed to being a cord with a remote or being a small device that plugs into the car’s dock connector. The device plugs instead, into the car’s cigarette lighter, and you use a dial located at the base to control it. The dock connection only serves to charge the device; when you play music from your iPod or iPhone you will need to plug a short headphone cord into the jack on the mobile. The TuneBase FM also has an adjustable arm that is designed to hold and position your iPod or iPhone.


4. DLO TransDock micro iPod Car Kit

The DLO TransDock micro iPod Car Kit allows for the broadcast of music from an iPod directly to a car’s stereo over an FM signal. It gives a strong FM broadcast, and charges the iPod while it is being used. Installation is done by plugging the device into the car’s cigarette lighter, then plugging the attached cable into the dock connector of the iPod. The TransDock micro feels safer than other mounted car adapters.

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