3 Ways to Use Your Company Blog


Blogging has been around for some time, but that does not mean it is an outmoded form of communication on the Internet. On the contrary, blogging is a relevant and excellent way for a business maintain an online presence and get the word out about its products and services.


Of course a company’s blog is useful when it comes to promoting a business only if it is maintained properly. Employees need to make regular, on-topic posts to the blog. The company also needs to assure the blog is properly maintained. Hiring a service such as http://www.VirtualHosting.com is an excellent way to ensure a business blog is in the best of shape so it presents well to potential customers.


3 Ways to Use Your Company Blog

Aside from being available to the entire world, a business blog provides an excellent way to market a business. Blog posts present an opportunity for the business to tell its story, to explain why what it does is different from competing companies and differentiate itself in the marketplace. This means every post needs to talk about what the company does. If you have a dog grooming business, posts should be about dog grooming issues, ways to care for dogs, dog shows, etc. If a dog grooming business were to post about a NASCAR race, for example, that would lead to a confused marketing message and people would stop frequenting the blog. By staying on the subjects that relate to what a business does, maintaining a company blog provides a powerful tool to market what the company does. When people get online and perform a search about dog grooming, the company’s blog might show up high in the results, making that person aware of the company’s presence.

Blogging can also be an excellent way for a company to attract some much-needed publicity. If your company is about to make a big announcement, launch a new product or perform a big service in the community, your blog is an excellent way to get the word out. Press releases should always refer media to the company’s blog. On the blog you should consider announcing the big news, maybe before you announce it anywhere else. By announcing big things on your blog, you make your posts exciting and something people want to share. If you build up enough interest around certain posts, people will talk about them enough on social media that the company captures quite a bit of publicity. If the buzz is loud enough, local media outlets might want to run a story on what’s going on with the company.

Running a company blog can also help the company glean information about higher quality leads. If you have analytics set up for your company blog, you can analyze how people are finding the blog. Keyword searches are an excellent way to understand what is on the mind of high quality leads, giving you a better idea of how to appeal to those leads. You can also learn what kinds of online habits those leads have, like if the frequent certain kinds of social media or what area of the country or world they live in.