3 Proven Ways to Improve Digital Marketing & Advertising Content


No business can afford to ignore their online marketing efforts for very long. Indeed, good marketing campaigns change and evolve in response to consumer feedback and industry trends. The idea that you can “set and forget” your ads and blogs is a fallacious one. Rather, the most progressive companies are always looking for ways to bolster their digital presence and personally engage with their customers. The good news is, you too can create a dynamic digital marketing strategy. Here are three sure-fire ways to improve your marketing and advertising material:

Linking and Landing-Page Coordination

 One excellent method to establish a professional veneer to your work while promoting your brand is linking between your web pages. Making sure that your blogs connect to each other through appropriate backlinks not only provides interested readers with easy navigation through your website, but it can also help boost your website’s visibility. What’s more, it’s always a wise idea to coordinate your marketing and advertising efforts. Ensure that your landing pages sync up with the corresponding ads, and strive to maintain a consistent tone throughout your work.

Go VisualThe more your audience can see your product in action, the more willing they’ll be to believe in its potential. Static blogs lacking images and cookie-cutter advertisements won’t excite leads. Therefore, look for opportunities to create short and compelling videos to accompany your longer pieces. These video snippets are perfect for sharing and social-media promotion as well.

 Avoid the Fluff

 A professional blog should not be used as your personal sounding board to voice your opinions on topics unrelated to your field. Don’t write pieces about your favorite vacation spots, or your dream car (unless, of course, you run a travel service or auto-parts store respectively). Stick instead to timely, relevant, and, most of all, useful content that your leads will actually want to read in the first place. Remember, great content can overcome a myriad of other sins when it comes to digital marketing. But if your blogs and ads don’t catch the eye and provide value on their own, there’s little you can do to increase your conversion or engagement rates.

 The Bottom Line

 Plenty of companies fall short of their marketing and advertising goals because they don’t have the time or resources to support and manage their efforts. And there’s no shame in that. After all, your job is busy enough without having to run an AdWords account or a professional blog. Still, it’s important to know when it’s time to reach out to professional PPC consultants or a marketing firm for assistance. Bringing in an outside perspective might just kickstart your business’s profile in a substantial way.