The 3 Essentials to Building Your Brand on Social Media


Be whatever you want and do whatever you can. Write books, play piano or provide assignment help in Australia (that’s god blessed place on the map, you know), but don’t forget to make a brand really cool in the social media. Use it for the hundreds of purposes – sell products, gain followers and so on – be the best of the best!

What’s the way to do this? There are secret Tibetan techniques based on the 3-step meditation system…. Oh, jokes aside (but meditation is a good thing for your mind). We’ll give you 3 essentials that will help you to build strong brand presented in the networks.

  • Choose right networks for your company

There are so many social platforms nowadays and new ones are coming every year. Not all of them are perspective but you know the TOP-list: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest+ and LinkedIn. These networks are the discussion objects in mass media of all levels. Let’s find out together what are their benefits:

Facebook – Zuckerberg is your best friend when you need to it’s time to make a brand really close to the consumers. The fact is that Facebook is famous all over the world. It’s good for any brand and purposes due to its wide user base.

Instagram – a great «visual» platform. That’s why if you produce clothes or food – something that looks great by any doubt – it will be very effective for such brand, especially when you need to reach the audience consisting of young adults.

Google+ –  hard to say something concrete about this network. From one side, who doesn’t have the Google-mail address? From the other side who needs Google+ in the world of Facebook? It can be useful for engineering and other technical prof.

Pinterest is an excellent way to have a new visual experience. They even added an opportunity to download and see videos! From this platform you can reach woman so be happy if you sell jewelry or clothing – you’re in the right place.

LinkedIn – prognoses tell that it’s going to die but today LinkedIn is quite interesting for promoting business-related content and find new co-workers for your company. Who knows, maybe there you’ll find new business-partners or sale markets?

  • Provide a great content

Content in social media is a gold that needs to be mined. Wanna be rich? So get to work! Dig and mine, mine and dig! Creating a good brand is impossible without focus on a useful and valuable content. Some call such content «shareable». Users share it and it spread all over the media like virus. Interesting association, isn’t it?

So, we formed up a list of the important principles you’d better follow in the content creating processes:

  • Every single piece of sharing content need to support your brand image. Humor is good but not in the cases when your company specializes on the house building and wants to reach 40+ customers. Think about content formalization and the whole brand identity. It’s very important!
  • Text, pics, video, audio – what side do you choose? Experiment and test what kind of content is the best for your audience. Such way you could gain new followers and future customers. To my mind images are easier for understanding and more shareable than blog posts especially of big seizure. Figure out which content is most likely to gain visibility on your social networks.
  • Images receive twice as many views views as text posts. No comments, just use this information to use all the power of SMM!

IT-hack: BuzzSump is a great Internet-service that will help to find the most interesting and discussable content for the last 24 hours.

  • Social campaigns – a key to the success

There are too many good content and not all of it will reach the target. So what’s the deal? Paid campaigns is the answer on the curious question: «How to get maximum from my posts in social media?». It can up the level of media influence and get to your brand new customers, making them «your tribal».

Now you have nice instruments for work – social media, advices of how to use them – so do this! Become the King of SMM!