20 Amazing Examples of Photo Business Cards


20 Amazing Examples of Photo Business Cards

Innovation is the key driver that is piloting most business sector in the recent time, be it the creative, technical or even the scientific sector. There is a huge demand for anything that is innovative, smart and at the same time visually appealing. One such innovative thing that has surfaced in the recent time is photo business cards.

Photo business cards are one of the ‘in’ things that have made quite a buzz in the business world. Apart from being trendy and chic to look at, there are many other good reasons for this concept design to become famous in a fortnight. Though this style of business card can be used by professionals from any industry, but it is a blessing in disguise for creative artists like photographers and designers. The petite canvass of the business cards is an appropriate platform to present before the prospective clients a glimpse of their creativity and proficiency. Moreover, the use of the nice pictures enhances the aesthetic beauty of the business card which helps in etching a place for itself in the mind of the viewers. Professionals can also use their own photograph in the business cards, which acts as a way for informally introducing themselves to their clients.

If you are thinking of revamping the look and feel of your business card, then try this new style and let innovation be the key driver of your professional life as well. Here are twenty amazing examples of photo business cards for your inspiration. Enjoy!!

1. Business-Card-by-Daveainley

2. Photographer Business Card Template

3. Photographer Business Card

4. Photo Services / Business Card

5. Darek-Fedko-Business-Card

6. Moo

7. Rascal Cards

8. A Decent Quality Photo

9. Card Options

10. Wedding Photo Business Card

11. Excellens Business Card

12. Excellens-business-card-by-kaixer-group

13. My business card

14. Photographer business card


16. Corporate Business Card

17. Business Card For My Brother

18. Business Card

19. Moo-Business-Cards-Back

20. Sean-Wakefield-Photography


Author Bio: Stanley is a freelance graphic designer who has hands-on-experience in advertising and designing plastic business cards to many customers for their businesses. He enjoys contributing to printing industry in his free time.