12 Most Useful Photoshop Tutorials of Water Effects


Novice designers try to search resources over internet whether to complete their projects or to enhance their skills. But it is not possible that they get success all the time, reasons might be differ but result is same – lack of knowledge. Photoshop artists publish their work for the others to admiration or to help out. These photoshop tutorials are great source of information related to photoshop skills and every designer aim to be professional in photoshop art.


Today, we are featuring water effects into photoshop of various types, but it is quite dreadful to achieve it due to complex nature of water effect in photoshop. But it is most important effect and you have to deal it sometime in your career timeline. So let’s face it properly like professional, we have gathered the most effective use of water effects in Photoshop from raining to droplets.


1. The Rain Tutorial

The Rain Tutorial


2. Water Dress

Water Dress


3. Realistic Water Text

Realistic Water Text In Cinema 4D And Photoshop


4. Composition And Realistic Rain

Composition And Realistic Rain


5. Beautiful Under Water Scene

Beautiful Under Water Scene


6. Water Effect Photo Montage

Water Effect Photo Montage


7. Rainy Day

Rainy Day


8. Silky Smooth Waterfalls

Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls


9. Water Effect On Products

Water Effect On Products


10. Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain  Rain  Go Away


11. Water Ripples

Water Ripples


12. Displacement Water

Displacement Water