When it comes to great web design, one cannot overlook an important feature which enhances and adds an extra needed functionality to any website, and this is a Login Panel. Great website design requires much more ingenuity nowadays , and incorporating a uniquely designed Login Panel always plays an integral role and gives any site a look of Professionalism.

A Login Panel as the name describes, takes the user to the heart of the website and provides full access control over it via a username and password. The Login Panel requires some basic information of the user so that it can authenticate and grant authorization into the actual site. The information collected is usually a username and email address, and once the user has submitted the required info, they usually receive a password upon sign-up.

Bloggers Path is continually striving to collect useful and unique resources in aiding the needs of Bloggers out there ; we explored hundreds of sites and discovered these beautiful Login Panel designs for your inspiration and user needs , we hope we have lived up to user expectations…

1. Mobile Me

2. Login Page

3. Body Stormer

4. Spear Man Project

5. Virtual Paper

6. Mail Chimp

7. Oumniabydima

8. Mmosite

9. Net Chillies

10. SkyTechGeek

11. Creative Specs

12. Ashes & Milk

13. Wakoopa

14. Heroku

15 Fu-Design

16. Arsenal

17. Zanpo

18. RedBrickHealth

19. Jquery Sliding Panel

20. App Boy

21. Tafifi

22. Vimeo

23. MudraSoftwares

24. ShareBurrow

25. Photoshop

NetChillies Free Login Panel Template


For users wishing to brand their websites by having a customized Admin Login panel without hard-coding and delving into the core WP Files , Austin Passy offers a great solution by offering this great Plugin , which will allow even a novice user to integrate a Custom Login look to their website . Enjoy !


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