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Animation software or graphic creator is an application type which is used to create responsive animation sequences. Computer graphics are playing major roles for today’s beautiful websites, HD Games, mobile games, 3D modeling etc. But you need to be specialist to create such beautiful and amazing animations like we see in PC Games, you have to learn some kind of programming language and blaah blaah. However, you can make a start with the basic, if you have suitable application for animation creation. Searching for such animation software is so tricky, sometime you might have headache for finding the best possible solution, this increases when you’r finding free animation software. Today, we are listing 40 such useful and free animation software, which can be used for producing responsive and attractive animations.


Free animation software download


1. Sqirlz Morph

Download from here
Try multi-morphing all the family’s faces into one unique (or gruesome) movie! Save your animation as a Flash movie, AVI video clip, animated GIF file, or bitmap/jpeg files.


2. AnimatorDV Simple

Download from here
A software for creating stop-motion animated movies. Some features: onion skin, frame averaging (video noise reduction), AVI export, RAM player, time-lapse tool.


3. FotoMorph

Download from here
The program’s interface is attractive and intuitive. It does contain some advertising, but it’s fairly unobtrusive. We appreciated the fact that the program comes with a sample project, allowing users to see exactly how a particular result was achieved. With FotoMorph, users can create animated sequences in which images morph, pan, and warp.


4. Sqirlz Water Reflections

Download from here
Choose from a variety of ripples, and control details such as wave size, perspective, flow, texture, color and transparency. Rain and snow effects can be added. Animations can be saved as Macromedia Flash (SWF) files, AVI video clips, animated GIF files, and bitmap/jpeg/png/tiff files.


5. Cyberdelia

Download from here
Cyberdelia is a 3D animation tool with w3d, x and wrl file exporter. ‘w3d’ file can be used on Macromedia Director for Shockwave3D. ‘x’ file is for DirectX. ‘wrl’ file is for VRML97. 3D objects can be modeled with ‘Metasequoia’ that many Japanese 3D designers.


6. AniS

Download from here
This applet can be used for simple animation of two or more images–you can allow your visitors to have no controls, or a full-set of controls: stop & start; set animation speed; single step frames and change direction of animation sequence; go directly to the first or last frame; movie looping or ‘rocking’ modes.


7. Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Download from here
You can move the sections of the stick figure and easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed as you go. You can use more than one stick-figure in the animation, and even create your own stick figures using an easy to use visual editor that lets you assemble objects out of lines and circles.


8. Synfig Studio

Download from here
Once you get past the setup, however, Synfig is a powerful program for those who want to create Flash animations for free. It’s neither easier nor harder to use than Flash, but–also like Flash–it requires some diligent study before you can begin using the toolbox effectively.


9. Jumpwel

Download from here
Jumpwel is an editor to create animated sequences and dynamic objects in HTML pages. You can slide, rotate, and grow the objects–image, text, or button. You can group some objects, and the groups become a new object.


10. Skeleton

Download from here
Bend your character and see it come to life as all the sprites are automatically moved and rotated with the skeleton. Use key frames and loads of other features to quickly and easily animate your character.


11. Animator

Download from here
This type of animation is seen on such TV programs as Morph and Pingu. It is a great way to waste some time and a lot of fun creating this type of animation. The software is free and is only intended for you to have a little fun so please enjoy and give me your feedback (oh, and kids seem to like it).


12. The PhoneThemes Studio Toolkit

Download from here
The toolkit is free to download and use. Registration is an automatic process and the toolkit is simple to understand and use being based on a Wizard style approach to building animated themes. Create, save, run them on your own phone.


13. GifSplitter

Download from here
GifSplitter can break GIF animation down into individual image frames. Then, you can select any frames of the gif animation, and modify them as you like. Also, GifSplitter will create a .gsf file which can be used in Magic ASCII Studio…


14. Free Morphing

Download from here
Free Morphing creates a sequence of frames which are the transformation of the source image to target image, giving the appearance that the source image becomes the target. Images must be true color (24 bit) and have the same size.


15. Popims Animator

Download from here
Start from any graphic, picture or video file, print the computed image with a standard ink-jet printer. Slide it under your screen and view all images one after the other when you move around the screen. The MiniPopims screen has the size of a credit card.


16. CoolComment Editor

Download from here
Users can create original comments and choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, colors and glitter effects as well as custom backgrounds to create personalized greeting cards, and then send them directly to personal Web pages and comment sections in popular social networks such as MySpace.


17. ImageKlebor

Download from here
It has a command-line option that makes it useful for automation and pipeline integration, and it’s free to use, even commercially. However, most folks will find that ImageKlebor is best suited for assembling multiple images into one picture, such as scans of LP album covers; they’re too big for all but the largest scanners, and most folks end up scanning covers in two passes and then trying to put the two together in an image editor.


18. Helicon Filter Free

Download from here
Available filters: noise reduction, white balance and saturation adjustment, correction of chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting correction, cropping, rotating, resizing, sharpening and deblurring, adding frames, text.


19. Popims Animator Video

Download from here
It proposes number of editable presets and other transformation methods, all very easy to understand and to launch, and it produces animated GIFFs and video files. Start from any graphic, design, picture, or video file. You can use even only image to transform it in thousands of different ways. If you load any animated GIFF file or video, all images will be separated.


20. AnimPixels

Download from here
AnimPixels is an animated movie software specialized in Isometric Pixel Art. Use your own movie components, or download them from the Web, to create a original pixelized animated movie. Download the free AnimPixels animation software.


21. Craft Director Studio

Download from here
Animators: CG Airplanes, helicopters and tanks in minutes – all motion is simulated and then captured in key-frames automatically. Previz – move cameras and vehicles around your scenes with an input device.


22. Muvizu 3D

Download from here
Use this script editing tool to write your screenplay or drama. Upload images or storyboards. Store all your work – whether video, audio, written or artwork – in your portfolio. Collaborate: Find the people you need for your movie, from film editors to location scouts.


23. Explogen

Download from here
All game makers can now create original explosions for a variety of game styles and types, including top-down and platform. The flexibility of the program and multiple options available to the creator make the explosions fit the game’s style, instead of the unfortunate, yet often seen, vice versa.


24. Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition)

Download from here
The program’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. Down the left side there are controls for size, background, text, and animation. From the size dialog you can select from a variety of predefined sizes or enter custom dimensions. In the background dialog, you can select either a color or a custom image to serve as the banner’s background…


25. Palette Editor Plugin for Pro Motion

Download from here
Ideal for creating pixel precise animations, images or icons used in games or Flash applications especially for handheld systems like mobile phones, gameboy, PDA, Pocket PC and similar. Use it to create precise and clean images on pixel level for application, game or web design.


26. Mask Maker

Download from here
Select hundreds of sprites, set the transparency color, and hit the button. Mask Maker will do all the dirty work for you.


27. Face Transformer

Download from here
Change your face into another by creating an animation. It’s a Windows 7 / Vista desktop (sidebar) gadget. Simply provide two images and our server will generate the “in-between” images and video. For better user experience, we use Silverlight technology.


28. Free Hidden Power for Elements 4

Download from here
The set is an introduction to the 100 tool Hidden Power set included on the CD with Hidden Power 4 books. Please download the tools and visit the Hidden Power Website for more tools, information about Hidden Power books for Photoshop Elements, and troubleshooting/usage information.


29. CaraQ maker

Download from here
CaraQ Avatar Maker is a software that helps you to create your personal avatar and msn/skype picture easily. By creating avatars, you can upload your avatars on CaraQ Website ( and share them to all of your friends. You don’t need complicate flash skill to create your flash.


30. AlphaPlugins FirTree for After Effects

Download from here
This plugin allows create animated fir tree branches. You can use these elements for decorating of your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year videos.


31. Smiley Creator

Download from here
Use the Free Smiley Creator to make your own cool animated smileys in hundreds of unique combinations. It’s easy, fun, and free. From Mindspark, the makers of SmileyCentral, Webfetti, and MyFunCards.


32. Phnom Penh Image Scaler

Download from here
Five core features include: Flash-animated photo album generator: allows you to create a professional Flash-animated photo album. Multiple images scaling: scale multiple images for use over the Web. Mixed image sizes/compressions scaling. Images can be set to be scaled or compressed at different sizes or dimensions.


33. Sothink Quicker for Silverlight

Download from here
Sothink’s intimidating interface is a cluttered collection of boxes and tools spread around a central screen. The Help file’s instructions proved to be indispensable, since we are far from experts at Flash imagery. While it’s extremely difficult to build a smooth film without some Flash background, we were still able to move forward and learn a lot.


34. AnimateGif

Download from here
AnimateGif is a small utility that will quickly create animated GIFs. It has a really simple interface that anyone can use, and you can set frame delay and loop options.


35. AlbumMe Flash Slideshow Executor

Download from here
AlbumMe Flash Slideshow Executor is a software that is easy to use to create flash slideshow from your digital photos, complete with ready-to-use animated templates, stunning transition effect, text captions and music. You can create animated flash photo albums, simple flash slideshows, thumbnail photo gallery or even musical flash E-card.


36. Animated PNG Manager

Download from here
This manager allows you to edit APNG files, and import/export from/to various formats. It supports AVI, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and clipboard operations. It allows you to import sequences of images, and export full or partial APNG animations. All packed in modern GUI with intuitive controls.


37. ASCII Animator

Download from here
ASCII Animator is a unique, funny and free software to convert GIF image to animated ASCII art. First, ASCII Animator extracts GIF image into frames, then converts each frames to ASCII art, and encodes the ASCII art into a new animated ASCII art GIF image.


38. Openspace3D

Download from here
OpenSpace3D application consist in linking functionalities together, and defining theirs mutual interactions. Technological advance, our team keep searching for and integrates the last technologies in domains of virtual reality, speech recognition, and computer graphics. It’s goals: Facilitate the development of new collaborative work environments (distant meetings in web conference), training (virtual classroom, learning and serious games), simulation, innovation, e-commerce (shopping malls and virtual shops), social networks of expression and sharing (personal 3D spaces) or massively multiuser games (MMOG) both professional and public applications.


39. GraphNview

Download from here
This environment includes: an ActiveX integrated control for viewing graphs, a set of simple commands to create graphs, create animations graphs and edit the information in nodes and arcs; an immediate command editor; a command interpreter with syntax checking.


40. Sharp Animator

Download from here
Create full AVI videos or simple small gif files. The application has a full film strip view of your project. You can use onion skinning to help with the motion of you figures. Finally you can also use chroma key to add still or moving videos into the backgrounds of your animations.

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