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Shopping with Smart Phones and Tablets is becoming popular every day, all thanks to the wonderful shopping apps that are available on the mobile devices. These apps not only let you shop for various things but also help you save … Read the rest

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Travelling will be the most lovable thing as you explore new places to visit and have fun. However, for some people travelling can be a painful experience, as they have to go through the entire process of booking tickets, reserve … Read the rest

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Taxis are an essential part of modern life, whether you need a lift home after clubbing with your girlfriends or are trying to get to your hotel from the airport in a foreign city. Though taxis play an important part … Read the rest

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Android is the mostly and widely used Operating system nowadays. Android is a mobile system software having operating system, middleware and key applications. Android was first developed in U.S. California at Palo Alto in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich miner, … Read the rest

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Android app developers try to search GUI elements for their apps since Android has certain guidelines about GUI elements. Designing these elements is very time consuming and hectic job for the designers, as it needs a lot of creativity and … Read the rest